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Your Camper Van Rental USA Guide

Vacationers and travelers looking to discover the gorgeous countryside for themselves on a road trip have more reasons to choose a camper van in the next expedition. With excellent highways systems and fully serviced campgrounds, the US has everything a traveler needs to enjoy a road trip of a lifetime. It typically costs anywhere from $10 to $50 a night to stay at a campground. 

Some of the facilities you can expect in a campground include swimming pools, electricity, washer/dryer, water, convenience store, playground, and sewer hookups. Since competition for the small camper RV market is stiff, various camper RV rental USA companies have come up with attractive incentive to woo customers. The incentives include huge campervan options, no additional cost for extra drivers, and 24-hour road assistance to cover breakdowns.

Bigger RV renters also provide competitive insurance rates, free signing, and rewards programs, which allow travelers to save money on their next trip. For customer convenience, some renters provide operate strategic camper van rental USA airport centers where travelers can pick their RV after alighting from the plane. The most popular camper RV options include: 

• The 4-berth camper that sleeps 4 people • The midsize Maverick camper that sleeps 3 people  • The smaller Ventura camper with a single double bed

If you intend to travel with a child, you need to request for a child seat, which should be safely secured with a harness. Regardless of whether you rent a towable or motorized RV, RV campers offer comfort and convenience as well as a perfect way to experience a truly rewarding RV adventure without spending too much money.  

US Camper Van Amenities

Camper van rentals come in different models, measurements, and layouts. A fully furnished standard RV camper may feature a hot and fresh water reservoir, a waste tank, a converter and auxiliary battery, a furnace, and sleeping space for 2 adults. The popular towable pop-up camper RV, for instance, generally features a bed on either side of the vehicle, canvas sides, hard tops, and a kitchenette. 

If you have decided to rent a camper, you need to take time to make a wise choice because you may be planning to spend a considerable amount of time on the RV. Thousands of couples and young families hire camper van rentals in USA yearly to experience the thrills of the countryside. The first thing you need to do when choosing an RV is pick one that is easy to drive. 

The other important consideration is ensuring the camper has sufficient seating capacity for the traveling party and storage space for all your belongings. You also need to check the condition of the vehicle to ensure there is enough engine oil and the tire pressure is good. Also, check that all controls are operating as they should. 

To make your trip with an RV rental in the USA experience smooth sailing, check the water tank and the propane tanks to ensure they are full. If you are an RV owner, you can reduce the cost of maintaining your vehicle by performing such services as seal testing to keep the water tank clear of leaks and electrical system inspection to prevent the emergence of electrical problems.   

The Benefits of Choosing a Small Camper Rental

If you rent a small camper, you will definitely receive good value for your money since it costs much less compared to renting a car. With a small camper van, you get to enjoy similar thrills as that offered by the smallest Class B and C RVs. A small camper RV is highly ideal for couples and small traveling groups.

Other than the rental price, the main benefits of choosing small camper rentals include easy maneuverability and parking and excellent visibility. Another benefit is that campervans leave behind a small environmental footprint, which goes a long way to ensure your road trip is eco-friendly.  

RV Van Rental Tips for Travelers

The cost of renting camper vans in the USA varies depending on various factors, including the season, the number of nights, any discounts, and the model of the recreational vehicle. The nightly charges typically range from $100 to $200. If you do not know the cost of hiring an RV, some rental companies have an estimator and reservation tool that can be accessed online. 

Making your online booking is easy as all you need to do is visit the RV renter’s site, select the pickup location and the pickup date. Next, choose the type of RV you intend to rent and specify your type of driver’s license. When renting an RV from your local camper hire USA company, it is prudent to check if there are any pre-existing damages or blemishes in the RV and let the owner be aware of these.

If you intend to cover long distances during your trip and want to save money, consider taking an RV package that offers unlimited mileage. The RV hire America renting company may request that you pay an extra cost for various kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, linens, bike rack, and portable generators. 

Planning is a very important part of the RV experience. You can start by choosing a route with scenic views, devoid of unnecessary toll stations. You also need a timeline of activities that you want to stop, see, and participate in. This can be roadside attractions, eateries, and campgrounds. When creating a budget, make sure all the expenses highlighted are covered, including an emergency fund to cover breakages and other unexpected expenses.