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Getting a Cheap Camper Rental USA

Traveling across the country does not require a large Class A or Class B motorhome. Sometimes, all that you need to enjoy a trip driving from one destination to the next is something as small as a campervan for hire on a USA road trip.

Picking a location with a lower tax rate is the best way to get RV rental deals in the USA. Locking in a rental in New Jersey at a 7% sales tax rate is much cheaper than securing the same contract in California where the sales tax is 10%. 

If you do select an RV dealer in California, consider renting from the northern part of the state. San Francisco, for instance, has a sales tax of 8.5% versus the Los Angeles sales tax rate of 9.25% on purchases and rentals. 

Taking advantage of early bird specials is also a good way to get a motorhome rental in the USA for cheap. Some RV companies offer as much as 20% off their daily rates for booking at least six months in advance. You only need to pay a small fraction of the total amount, which serves as your order's deposit. 

Many RV dealers give renters up to 30 days before their trip's start date to pay the full amount. Some companies even let you pay the full price on the day of pickup, which may work best for your schedule. 

Regardless of whether you reserve your camper well in advance or at the last minute, you should never rent more of a home-on-wheels than you need. Most parties of two do not need a Class A motorhome unless they absolutely must have bathrooms, showers, and kitchens inside of the vehicle. 

Most couples or small groups do well with a campervan that provides an area for sleeping. The campground that you choose will more than likely have restroom and shower facilities to accommodate your hygiene needs. 

Campervans are significantly cheaper than a motorhome or camper trailer rental in the USA. You can save a significant amount with a campervan hire on a USA road trip.  

Examples of a Best Camper Rental in the USA

An RV rental across the USA works best when you pick the right dealer. ROAM is one of those companies with campers designed specifically for use in the Northwest. The business operates out of Portland, Oregon, and their rentals are stocked with blankets, kitchen supplies, headlamps, and other supplies that will help you get through stormy weather. 

ROAM's prices start at just under $200 per day, which may be out of the budget for some. Individuals looking for a company with good camper rentals USA reviews and reasonable prices may want to go with Lost Camper USA. 

This rental agency prides itself on providing low-profile vehicles that fit into the crowd at RV parks. There are upward of 120 fleets available through this West Coast company. Lost Camper USA rents out of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City, with rates starting at $60 per night.   

The Camper Hire USA One-Way Option

One-way camper options give travelers the freedom to drive long distances without having to turn around to return the vehicle. You and the family can rent an RV in New York, for instance, and travel across the country to Washington state for a true road trip. The best thing about the trip is not having to cut it short to return the vehicle to its office in New York but rather being able to drop off the RV at a location in Washington. 

One-way rentals come with much flexibility but not without costs. Fees are relatively high when you opt to return your camper to a location different from its origin. Many dealers charge anywhere from $500 to $1,500 on top of your overall reservation price to accommodate the one-way arrangement. 

The good news is that most RV companies offer occasional specials that can save you a bundle on your one-way reservation. You can put the discounted amount toward a better RV resort and other accommodations on the road.   

When to Schedule an RV Rental Across the USA

Summer is considered the high season for RV travels across the United States. As a result, it's hard to get last-minute reservations between June and September. It is best to secure your reservations at least six months in advance if you know that you and your family plan to travel during this time. 

You should consider vacationing during what is known as the shoulder season if your dates are flexible. This season begins during the second week of September and continues through the end of May. 

You should still book ahead if you have your dates of travel locked into your calendar. There is, though, a better chance of securing a last-minute reservation when booking during the shoulder season.   

RV Rental USA Long Term

Long-term RV rentals are great when you are in need of temporary housing. Most homeowners take advantage of motorhomes and campers during major home renovations or when relocating. Long-term RV rentals are also useful during natural disasters when individuals suddenly lose all of their possessions. 

Campers have sleeping areas and sometimes small spaces for changing. Class A RVs have kitchens and bathrooms that include showers. The most luxurious motorhomes have comfortable beds, LCD TVs, and washer/dryer units in the vehicle. 

Of course, not everyone can afford to rent such a fabulous RV. Those following the frugal path can save upward of 30% for choosing to rent vehicles for more than 21 days. 

Traveling across the country is a fun adventure. The journey is complete when you find the best camper to meet your needs.