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Camper Rental Alaska

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Camper Rental Alaska

Dreaming of adventuring in Alaska?

For some travelers, few destinations are as alluring as America’s final frontier. The biggest state in the country with the fewest people per square mile, it’s not hard to get deep into the wilderness in Alaska -- and to find some incredible things to do and stories to tell along the way.

Maybe you want to catch a glimpse of the northern lights over the peak of Denali, or see bears, moose, and other wildlife (even if only from behind well-insulated glass!). Maybe you’re a serious adventurer, ready to take on glaciers, crevasses, and caverns, working up an appetite for delicious, freshly caught salmon once the day’s explorations are done.

No matter what draws you to Alaska, you’re sure to find a once in a lifetime experience waiting for you there. And one of the very best ways to access this treasure trove of adventure is with an RV rental.

RV camping in Alaska is one of the most convenient and flexible ways to see the state. You have everything you need with you, and you don’t have to worry about figuring out where you’ll stay each night -- or to worry about staying warm while tent camping in its incredibly cold conditions. Plus, one of the main reasons people visit Alaska is to get out into the countryside and away from the city, so a traditional road trip with hotel stays might not give you access to the outdoorsy activities you’re hoping to take on.

But when it comes to the actual footwork of finding an RV rental to take to Alaska, where do you start?

Luckily, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you navigate this exciting travel project, so you don’t have to worry about a thing… well, except maybe the bears.

RV Rental Vacations Alaska

With such an intense and distant destination, you want to make sure you have as many aspects of your vacation as well-thought-out as possible before you go. So instead of simply running out and rent an RV for your Alaska trip as soon as you think of it, it’s important to do some planning.

First of all, you need to decide if it makes more sense for you to drive your rental RV all the way north from your home starting point, or to simply fly in and find a camper rental in Alaska once you get there. We all know Alaska’s separated by Canada from the rest of the United States, but it can be easy to forget exactly how far away it really is. Go ahead and open up a new tab and check out the map, or even pop your point of origin and your Alaskan destination into a navigation system. You’ll soon learn just how much distance we’re talking about -- the border is over 1,000 miles, or 20 hours, of driving away -- and that’s starting from Seattle, the lower 48’s northwesternmost metropole!

In short, it’s a smart idea to strongly consider booking a flight and then dealing with the RV rental once you get there. If that’s not feasible, you might at least try to find a one-way rental, so you only have to drive your motorhome rental to Alaska one way, rather than having to drive all the way up and then all the way back down to the vehicle’s origin point again.

Finding RV camper or trailer rentals in Alaska isn’t exceptionally difficult. Major cities, like Fairbanks and Anchorage, have traditional RV rental dealerships that offer motorhome rentals, campervan rentals and more. Another way to find an RV rental in Alaska is to peruse locally-owned rigs available for rent on the peer-to-peer rental marketplace, RVshare. These RVs are owned by private citizens just like you, instead of being part of commercial rental fleets. That means they’re usually comfortable, well-kept -- and best of all, more affordable than regular dealership rentals!

Cheap Camper Rental Alaska

Obviously, everyone wants to save as much money as they can on their dream vacation to Alaska. But when it comes to your rental RV, cheapest isn’t always the best… especially when you have to deal with tough terrain and extreme climates.

You may see that certain types of campers are more affordable than others, especially if they’re small and modestly appointed. If you’re camping in the summer, you might consider a popup camper rental or a campervan rental for your Alaska trip. But if you’ll still be in the state by fall, when temperatures start to drop, you probably won’t want to be quite so vulnerable to the elements!

A good compromise option is to find a travel trailer or truck camper rental for your Alaska trip, which will be more affordable than a motorized RV but also offer more of the the comfort and safety you’d expect of a larger, pricier motorhome.

RV Rental Alaska Price

RV rentals in Alaska are available at rates similar to what you’d find elsewhere in the country. This means that, in some cases, you’ll pay as much as $200 per day or more for a big, well-equipped motorhome, and that’s before any extra fees for mileage, insurance, and vehicle maintenance.

If you want to get the very best price on your Alaska RV rental, it’s important to shop around and check with several different facilities or dealerships before you sign. Another way to ensure your camper rental in Alaska is the most affordable one possible is to ask each rental agency you talk to for all-inclusive quotes, listing everything you can expect to pay for once you get the final bill.

Alaska Small Camper Rental

When the summer’s midnight sun is blazing, it might make sense to get a small camper rental for your Alaskan RV trip, especially if you’re picking it up in the state! A campervan, pop up trailer or truck camper might be the perfect size for you to explore the wilderness freely and affordably while still staying comfortable and safe.

Although many traditional RV rental facilities only offer larger vehicles, like Class A and Class C motorhomes, for rent, you can find small campers available through RVshare and some specialty rental agencies that focus specifically on smaller caravans.

No matter what kind of RV your choose or where you pick it up, have fun in the great Alaskan wilderness -- and stay safe!

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