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Badlands National Park RV Rental

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Rent an RV Near Badlands National Park: The Land That’s Anything but Bad

Pinnacles, spires, and buttes contrast sharply with the bright blue sky in Badlands National Park. This South Dakota nature preserve is beautiful on the outside, but is also pretty incredible underneath as well. This is due to the fact that the awe-inspiring geological deposits that are so interesting to look at also contain thousands of fossils left behind by prehistoric animals.

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As if the odd rock formations and fossils found in Badlands weren't enough, this park is also home to the largest untouched mixed-grass prairie in the US. These grasslands are home to such creatures as bison, bighorn sheep, and the most endangered land mammal in the United States, the black-footed ferret.

Considering all there is to see and do in this gorgeous park, Badlands National Park RV vacations are definitely something everyone should experience.

When to Visit With Your Badlands National Park RV Rental

Many people recommend visiting Badlands in September due to nice weather and fewer crowds. However, a visit during the spring or summer can be equally as fun, as long as a person stays hydrated and applies sunscreen regularly throughout their adventures. Winter travelers and those who choose to visit in the late fall should arrive prepared to cope with temperatures as low as 11 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as snowfall.

One of the best ways to prepare for the intense summer heat or the frigid temperatures of winter is to rent an RV near Badlands National Park. This ensures the park visitor is comfortable each evening after spending the day outdoors.

What to Do after Finding an RV for Rent near Badlands

Hike Around

With so many incredible sights and fascinating animals to see, visitors will definitely want to head out on a hike and explore the area. All hikers should be sure to take some pictures of the amazing rock formations and keep an eye out for fossils as they walk.

After a good long hike, guests of the park are sure to be thankful that they can return to their Badlands National Park camper rental to relax.

Go for a Drive

Of course, some people are unable to walk for long periods of time. These individuals will love the fact that all of the most impressive sights can be seen from the comfort of a car. This means that visitors can leave their Badlands camping trailer rental, hop in the car, and be in the middle of the beauty of the South Dakota wilderness in no time at all.

See the Visitor Center

The Ben Reifel Visitor Center is a great place to begin any trip to Badlands National Park. The Center features exhibits and a high-quality film, all of which educate guests on the history and ecology of the park. Because it offers so much valuable information, this is the first place visitors should go after leaving their Badlands motorhome rental the first day of their visit.

Gaze at the Stars

Thanks to the wide open spaces and skies that are nearly completely free of light pollution, Badlands National Park is an amazing place to get in some quality stargazing. A simple telescope will allow guests to see a bit farther into the depths of our vast universe, and a book of constellations can provide hours of nighttime entertainment.

Of course, this nighttime activity is only available to those who are staying overnight in the park. Therefore, those who wish to take part in stargazing during their visit should find an RV for rent near Badlands National Park and reserve a campsite in one of the Badlands campgrounds.

Join a Ranger

From night sky programs to informative presentations, and from junior ranger programs to discussions about fossils, there are plenty of ways for guests to interact with Rangers during a visit to Badlands. Many of these ranger-led learning opportunities are free of charge, and because there are so many to choose from, there truly is something for everyone.

Affordable Camping to Match the RV Rental Prices in Badlands National Park

Obviously, anyone visiting the Badlands is going to want to spend at least one night camping in the beauty of the South Dakota wilderness. Luckily, there are a good number of camping options in that area, including two campgrounds in the park itself. On top of that, there are a number of quality campers for rent in Badlands.

Federal Campgrounds

RV rental prices in Badlands are surprisingly affordable. To make a good thing even better, the park’s campgrounds are also easy on the wallet. Read on to learn more.

Cedar Pass Campground — Cedar Pass Campground is the most comfortable of the two onsite options. Each site in this area offers a shaded picnic table and electric hook-up. Pay showers and flush toilets are also available at the nearby bathhouse. All a person would need to do to begin a fabulous vacation is rent a motorhome in Badlands and park it in Cedar Pass Campground. The fun would follow soon after without any coaxing.

Sage Creek Campground — For those who are looking to rough it, Sage Creek Campground offers dry camping throughout the year. Camping in this location is free of charge, but campers must come prepared as only pit toilets and picnic tables are provided. Fortunately, a person can easily rent a camper near Badlands and have everything they need for the duration of their trip.

Private Campgrounds

Badlands/White River KOA — With amenities such as mini-golf, a swimming pool, and bike rentals, a person could be entertained forever in this KOA campground. However, it is important that guests make an effort to leave their Badlands pop-up camper rental—or any other camper they may have—behind in the campground and head 4 miles away to see the Badlands National Park while they are in town.

Badlands Interior Campground — Cheap RV rentals near Badlands are not too hard to come by. Fortunately, affordable campgrounds are just as easy to find. One of the best low-price campgrounds in the area is Badlands Interior Campground. This lovely oasis offers such amenities as a swimming pool and free Wi-Fi, making it the perfect place to spend a vacation.

Sleepy Hollow Campground & RV Park — A visitor with a travel trailer rental near Badlands National Park is going to need somewhere to park. Luckily, the folks at Sleepy Hollow Campground know how to treat a guest. With their friendly hospitality and a wide variety of amenities, the Sleepy Hollow staff members make guests feel right at home.

Campers for Rent in Badlands National Park

As mentioned before, there are quite a few wonderful campers for rent in Badlands National Park. Those who are planning a visit will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of both the RV and the service they receive when they choose a Badlands RV rental on RVshare.

One-Way RV Rental to Badlands National Park

Many people wish to see Badlands without the hassle of towing a trailer back and forth. Fortunately, the owner of this nice 2008 28-foot toy-hauler bumper-pull is happy to deliver, making one-way RV rentals to Badlands National Park a breeze.

Cheap RV Rentals Near Badlands National Park

Of course, an inexpensive RV rental is always appreciated. This 2008 Jayco pop-up camper fills that role perfectly. The cute little RV is available for only $85 a night and includes all of the camping essentials.

Luxury RV Rental Badlands National Park

Everyone loves to be pampered from time to time, and this 2016 Keystone bumper-pull offers features that give users that lovely pampered feeling even while camping. For those looking for a luxury RV rental near Badlands National Park, this is the one!

Badlands National Park RV Rental Rates & More

For adventurers who are wondering about the cost to rent an RV in Badlands, a quick search here on the RVshare website will tell them everything they need to know. This includes Badlands RV rental rates and many more details.

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