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Arches National Park RV Rentals

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Rent an RV near Arches National Park: Nature’s Wonderland

Located just north of Moab Utah, Arches National Park is an incredible, colorful landscape that leaves visitors and locals staring in awe. The park is filled with nearly impossible sandstone structures that seem to defy the laws of physics. Still, only 43 of the 2000+ arches in the park have fallen since 1977.

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In addition to playing host to thousands of amazing sandstone structures, this park also houses a wide variety of plants and animals. All of these beautiful sights come together to make this natural wonderland a fantastic place to take a hike, snap some photos, and bask in the awe-inspiring place that is Utah. They also make the area the perfect place to park an Arches National Park motorhome rental.

When to Visit with your Arches National Park RV Rental

Considering Arches National Park is located in what is considered a high desert, temperatures can fluctuate dramatically throughout the year, and even throughout a 24-hour period. That said, with the proper preparations, a visit to Arches can be fun during any season.

Summer temperatures can get extremely hot, so summer visitors should be sure to bring light-colored clothing and plenty of water. On the other hand, winter temperatures drop dramatically and are frequently below freezing. Therefore, a winter visit does require some thoughtful packing. For the most temperate weather, visitors should consider a trip in the spring or fall.

No matter when a person visits, booking an RV for rent near Arches always helps to make the stay a comfortable one.

What to Do After Finding an RV for Rent Near Arches

Take a Hike

Hiking in Arches National Park is an experience like no other. The ability to stand near the amazing formations throughout the park gives a person perspective, helping them understand just how incredible these natural sculptures truly are.

For the truly adventurous hikers out there, backpacking is allowed with a permit in certain areas of the park. This is a fabulous way to spend some time reconnecting with nature.

Whichever one a visitor may choose, having an Arches camping trailer rental to return to is always nice.

Go for a Ride

Horseback rides and bike rides are both allowed in Arches National Park. While there are some restrictions to be aware of—for example, bicycles are only allowed on paved roads—these methods of transportation are a couple of the very best ways to see the park. Both allow the rider to see more than they would through hiking alone, but neither encourages the guest to hurry on by.

That said, those guests with less time to spend exploring—or individuals with physical challenges—might want to consider taking a self-guided driving tour. Those who choose this route should remember to take it slow in order to truly take in the beauty that surrounds them.

Another great way to be immersed in the beauty is to rent a camper near Arches National Park. This allows guests to sleep in the beauty of the Utah wilderness only minutes away from the incredible landmarks of the park.

Snap Some Pictures

Professional and amateur photographers alike will appreciate the interesting and amazing photo opportunities found throughout Arches National Park. For this reason, all visitors should make a point of packing a camera and stopping to snap some pictures throughout their trip. These photographs are sure to be intriguing and inspiring.

Climb to New Heights

Experienced rock climbers will find that Arches National Park offers a good collection of challenging new climbing opportunities. These opportunities could easily fill a few days with climbing adventures that are certain to leave the adventurer feeling accomplished when they return to their Arches National Park camper rental.

That said, all climbers should be aware of the strict rules and regulations put in place by the government in order to preserve the park’s natural beauty.

Join a Ranger

The renter programs offered in Arches National Park are both plentiful and fun. From guided hikes to educational presentations, there are many ways to interact with park rangers on a daily basis during high season. Junior ranger programs are perfect for the youngest visitors, and adults love the ability to ask questions and learn about the park from a knowledgeable individual.

Affordable Camping to Match the RV Rental Prices in Arches National Park

Every visit to a national park should include at least a night or two of camping. Fortunately, the cost to rent an RV in Arches National Park is low, and the campsites have low rates to match. This means vacationers get more bang for their buck when they choose to camp in Arches.

Federal Campground

Arches National Park is home to one federally owned campground. Find information on this location below and learn if it’s the right place to park your Arches RV Rental.

Devil’s Garden Campground — A beautiful campground that simply couldn’t be more convenient, Devil’s Garden Campground is the only lodging option in Arches National Park. For this reason, the campground can become quite crowded and should be scheduled as soon as a person has booked their travel trailer rental in Arches National Park.

The campground offers potable water, grills, picnic tables, and flush toilets. It does not have showers, electric hook-ups, or a dump station, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Please note that Devil’s Garden Campground will be closed due to construction through November 30th, 2017.

Private Campgrounds

Of course, there are plenty of privately owned campgrounds in the area as well. All campers should consider these options if they plan to rent a motorhome in Arches National Park.

Moab Valley RV Resort & Campground — With amenities such as free Wi-Fi and a sparkling pool, Moab Valley RV Resort and Campground is the perfect place to end a day of sightseeing. The beautiful Utah backdrop can be viewed from the campground itself, making it the ideal place to rent an RV near Arches National Park.

Moab Rim Campark — Pull-through sites and full hook-ups make Moab Rim Campark a comfortable and convenient place to call home during Arches National Park RV vacations. Guests truly appreciate the clean bathrooms and hot showers, and the view is simply incredible.

Archview RV Resort and Campground — Archview RV Resort and Campground offers a fun camping experience that guests of all ages can enjoy. The onsite general store, free Wi-Fi, and clean pool work to make any camping trip a glamorous one. Additionally, hot air balloon rides and ATV tours that begin onsite add to the fun and convenience found here. This is a great place to set up camp in an Arches National Park pop-up camper rental (or any other RV).

Campers for Rent in Arches National Park

Because of the fluctuating temperatures mentioned before, the best way to camp in the Arches area is in an RV. Therefore, we recommend using RVshare to snag one of these amazing campers for rent in Arches National Park.

Luxury RV Rental Arches National Park

Folks who are on the lookout for a luxury RV rental near Arches will love this option. Located just minutes from the entrance of the national park, this 2011 Thor Class-C is listed for just $180 a night. For this low price, a camper can take all of the conveniences of home with them wherever they decide to camp. Best of all, this nimble camper is easy to drive and maneuver, making it ideal for those who have never RVed before.

Cheap RV Rentals Near Arches National Park

RV rental prices in Arches are quite low. Still, many people want to get the very best buy they can find. For the person looking for cheap RV rentals near Arches National Park, this 2007 Forest River bumper-pull is a great choice! The cost to rent this well-designed rig is just $100 a night. The trailer sleeps 8 and is fully equipped for a fabulous vacation for people of all ages.

One-Way RV Rental to Arches National Park

Finally, for those who plan to try their hand at dry camping, this 2018 20-foot bumper pull is a great solution. For just $119 a night, campers can relax in comfort in the middle of nowhere with a fully charged battery, full water tanks, and even a solar panel for additional electricity. This is an amazing setup for the boondocking couple or family. To make a good thing even better, the owner will deliver, making it ideal for those who are looking for a one-way RV rental to Arches National Park.

Arches National Park RV Rental Rates & More

These are just a few of the Arches National Park rental motorhomes and trailers we have available here on RV share. For more information including Arches National Park RV rental rates, try running a search

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