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When you're planning a trip across the country or in your home state and you want to truly capture the feeling of home while out on the road, a Class A RV rental may be just the right choice. Class A campers are 40 feet in length and filled with the amenities of home. You can enjoy spacious beds, multiple televisions, a full kitchen, and more while out in the wilderness with a 40-foot RV for rent. 

40-Foot RV Rental Rates

When looking for a Class A RV rental, you can find options at a range of prices. Prices can be very dependent on timing and location. If you are traveling to a music festival over a high-demand weekend, you'll find that prices are much higher for a 40-foot RV for rent; on the other hand, if you opt for travel in the off-season, you can save on high-quality Class A RV rentals. 

These elaborate Class A gas motorhomes offer master bedrooms, kids' areas with bunk beds or other small sleeping areas, and full sets of living room furniture, often including a sofa bed. You can close off one sleeping area from another for extra privacy. 

These ultimate getaway vehicles are available for a range of rental rates. You can fit the whole family in the space, and you may expect to pay $350 to $450 nightly for a newer model. If your class A RV is an older model, you can find options that range in price from $150 to $250 nightly.  

Save on a 40-Foot RV for Rent

You've read the 40-foot RV rental reviews, and you may be looking to save on a 40-foot RV rental and the luxury and privacy it provides. One primary way to save is by choosing an older model to rent for your journey. You'll still enjoy all of the advantages and amenities of Class A diesel motorhomes, and a slightly older model can be much more affordable.

You can also save by choosing a weekly or monthly rate for your Class A RV rental. Some owners provide discounts if you rent the RV for a longer period of time. Others provide lower rates for people renting an RV Class A in the off-season because there is lower demand in those months.   

Class A RV Rental

A Class A RV rental can be one of the most luxurious ways to travel. Newer models can offer the latest technology, multiple big-screen televisions, and full sliding windows with an awning to create a patio effect. Some Class A RVs include an inverter to automatically power a range of full kitchen equipment and entertainment devices and even built-in washers and dryers. 

You'll also find luxury models that put a premium on privacy with multiple sliding doors that give the master bedroom of the RV space. You can choose a 40-foot RV rental with leather seating for a party atmosphere. This kind of RV makes it possible to enjoy luxury even on a camping, hiking, or other nature-centered vacation. 

There are some truly iconic vacation destinations across the country that you can visit to make the most out of your Class A RV rental. Travel to South Padre Island on the Gulf of Mexico with miles of beaches and RV campgrounds or visit Key West for snorkeling before heading back to the RV to relax. For a different look, visit Crater Lake in the Pacific Northwest, the deepest lake in the U.S., for excellent boating and swimming opportunities.  

Class A RV Rental by Owner

One great way to find a 40-foot RV for rent is to rent directly from an RV owner. When you rent a Class A motor home from the owner, you'll be getting a vehicle from someone who loves the RVing lifestyle. Because you're renting personally from an owner, you can find a Class A RV rental that meets your unique needs and often get great 40-foot RV rental rates.

Rental by owner allows people to access great Class A campers without having to go through a large, impersonal corporation. You can take advantage of the connections offered by RVShare to find the best 40-foot RV for rent for you and your family's vacation. Owners can provide flexible options to help you make the most of your Class A RV travel and share their RV with you and your family.

Thousands of RV rentals are available in your local area on RVshare. You can find great deals and special savings on these luxurious and expansive motorhomes when you opt for a rental by owner. From the latest models to classic Class A campers, rental by owner can help you connect with great deals for your next RV vacation.   

Travel in Class A Motorhomes

When you travel in a Class A camper, you can find an almost unlimited world of suitable parks and campgrounds. Opt for an RV park with full hookups to take advantage of all the amenities packed in a 40-foot RV for rent. You can bring your own Class A RV to Walt Disney World and stay in Fort Wilderness, and you can enjoy full hookups and access boating, water skiing, archery, pony rides, trail adventures, and all the delights of Disney.

You'll find many official and private campgrounds and RV parks around the national parks and monuments of the United States. You can even find these campgrounds just outside many major cities if you're looking for a different type of travel from nature and wilderness exploration. Travel from the Las Vegas Strip and the Oasis RV Resort with pools, restaurants, fitness centers, and golf to the Trailer Village RV park that allows you to explore the natural wonder of the Grand Canyon while also enjoying full water, sewer, and electric hookups.

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