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Oahu is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands but is the most populous of the islands in the state of Hawaii. Its nickname is “The Gathering Place” since it is the central hub of travel and population for all of the islands. The state capital of Honolulu is located on Oahu’s Southeast Coast, being home to the Honolulu International Airport, the main way people reach and leave the state. Oahu is the 20 largest island in the United States and is the result of two separate shield volcanoes: Wai’anae and Ko’olau, with a broad valley called the Central Oahu Plain between them. The island is home to almost one million people, easily making it the most densely populated area of the state and arguably the most entertaining. You will not be disappointed when you get here in your RV. We can guarantee you that!

We’ve made a short list of some things to do and see while here on Oahu to help your vacation get off on the right foot. We hope you enjoy it in your RV rental Oahu Hawaii!

Popular Attractions

CLIMB Works – Keana Farms Oahu (Kahuku)

CLIMB Works – Keana Farms is Oahu’s first zipline tour that consists of 7 world-class dual ziplines, unique sky bridges and boardwalks, an exciting ATV adventure to the top, and a couple of surprises that you’ll see when you get here. You’ll start high up in the mountains with a bird’s eye view of a working commercial farm that produces over 1 million pounds of produce each and every year. You will then travel the safe and quiet ziplines to see the North Shore’s famous beaches, farms, and spectacular mountains with a person right next to you to enjoy it with in an RV rental in Oahu HI. This is ranked #1 on for attractions on the island on Oahu and for good reason. Very few places on Earth give you the access to get views like this of such a remarkably gorgeous landscape. From start to finish you will be completely blown away in your 

Bellows Field Beach Park (Waimanalo)

Bellows Field Beach Park is largely considered the finest beach on Oahu. There is just sand. No sea grass, no rocks, and is usually very open and free of large crowds. Bellows Field is only open from Friday at Noon until Sunday at Midnight but is still a quiet place to come and enjoy a day at the beach. This is the perfect place to come and enjoy long beach walks, sunbathing, picnics, fishing, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, boogie boarding, and so much more. The water is crystal clear and the grounds contain restrooms, showers, picnic areas, and campgrounds for your RV, making it one of the most complete beaches as well as prettiest. If you plan on spending some time at the beach, this is the one to come to in one of the many RV rentals in Oahu Hawaii!

Koko Head (Honolulu)

Koko Head is the headland that defines the eastern side of Maunalua Bay along the Southeastern side of the Island of Oahu. Koko Head is an ancient tuff cone that is somewhat dwarfed by its neighboring tuff cone, Koko Crater, with its peak. Koko Crater Trail is one of the areas most popular attractions, with stunningly beautiful hiking views, especially at sunset. Lānai Lookout is a scenic lookout that features a very distant view of the island of Lānai to the Southeast of Oahu, another popular location on Koko Head. Hālona Blowhole is a blowhole in the rocky shore and is adjacent to Hālona Cove, which is best known as the site of the love scene between Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in the movie From Here to Eternity. Along with the amazing natural beauties, there are great restaurants, bars, galleries, and activiites nearby that you can enjoy as well.  

Campgrounds on Oahu

Ahupua’a O Kahana State Park is located on the windward side of Oahu, between Kane’ohe and La’ie, and 26 miles from Honolulu. There are ten campsites in the park and camping is by permit only. Camping permits may be obtained online by going to and searching Ahupua’a O Kahana State Park and clicking “Online Reservations”. The amenities at the campsites include: A visitor center, restrooms, picnic tables, camping, hiking, outdoor showers, trash cans, drinking water, and payphones for your . There aren’t many finer campgrounds in the world than the ones you can find here at Ahupua’a O Kahana State Park for your camper rental Oahu HI. It is a place that will leave you feel peaceful and relaxed, and understanding why so many people fall in love with the state of Hawaii, especially when they take part in O.

Malaekahana State Recreation Area

Malaekahana State Recreation Area is located off of Kamehameha Highway in Lua’awa, Oahu. This Oceanside recreation area is a magnificent place to do some camping, with spectacular views and features. Malaekahana State Recreation Area not only has fantastic wooded areas, but also pristine beaches and close access to the city of Laie and all its activities. Some of the amenities here include: A wooded beach park with swimming, body surfing, beach related-activities, shore fishing, picnicking, tent camping, restrooms, outdoor showers, picnic tables, trash cans, drinking water, payphones, and more for your . The Malaekahana State Recreation Area on the Northeast shore is guaranteed to keep you and your fellow travelers happy and relaxed the entire stay in your campervan rental Oahu HI!

We hope that our small list will help you get off to a fast start on the beautiful island of Oahu! We just know that you’ll have an unforgettable time while here!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Renting an RV Near Oahu, HI

Do I need to be a certain age to rent an RV in Oahu, HI?

If you are considering a rental from RVshare, then you will need to be 25 years of age to be approved.

Do I need insurance when I rent an RV?

Just like any vehicle that you rent, with camper rentals in Oahu, HI, you are going to need to have insurance that will cover the vehicle in the event that there is an accident. If you do not have insurance that you can use for the rental, then take a look at our insurance page for more information about your options.

Do I need to return my rental RV with a full tank?

When you rent an RV, it’s a good practice to bring the RV back with a full tank. At the same time, not all owners require it, so be sure to communicate with the RV owner before you rent so that you understand his or her refueling requirements.

Does RVshare offer one-way RV rentals in Oahu, HI?

One-way RV rentals in Oahu, HI are available, but it is not always an option with every RV owner. It's important to ask the renter if a one-way rental is an option prior to renting your vehicle.

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