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Iowa, Ames

Located in the center of Iowa, Ames has a population of just under sixty thousand souls. As a travel destination, it may seem a bit off the beaten path, but as you’ll see, looks can sometimes be deceiving. There’s actually quite a lot to do here, but if you come, you should come dressed for the occasion. Compared to more southerly locations, Ames can be a bit chilly! Low temperatures stay in the tens and twenties for six months out of the year, with highs only reaching the eighties during June, July, and August. Even during the height of summer, you’ll still see low temperatures in the sixties, so this represents a very different vacation experience than, say, south Florida. Just dress accordingly and you’ll be fine though.  

Popular Tourist Attractions

There’s a lot to like and a surprising amount to see in an RV rental in Ames, IA. Below are some of our favorite picks to give you a feel for the area.

Located just off of University Boulevard, this beautiful and enchanting fourteen-acre garden won’t take you the whole day to explore, but you may wind up spending the full day there anyway, because it will really take your breath away. Absolutely captivating, and filled with great photo ops. Don’t miss this one when you head to the city for a visit in an RV rental Ames IA.

Admittedly, Iowa is probably not the first place you think of when you think of wine, but Prairie Moon is an excellent local winery, and sample local flavors both wine and food, and enjoy the day. It is a great place to stage a party or a wedding, so certainly something to keep in mind, if you’re looking to combine your vacation with another happy occasion!

An excellent small art museum, and should not be missed if you’re in the area. The galleries are small but spacious, and the staff is well trained and knowledgeable. Enjoy the exhibits and discover more about the history of the town in the Brunnier Art Museum when you visit with your RV rental Ames Iowa.

Campgrounds Near Ames

 With prices starting at just $17.50 per night and going to as high as $23, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better value for your money anywhere. Electric hookups are 30-amp, though 50-amp spots are available. You’ll find just about everything you could ask, for your trailer rental in Ames, IA. Amenities include a camp store to buy groceries, fishing and other supplies, paddle boating on the lake, and even a petting pen with farm animals for your stay in a camper rental Ames IA. You could actually have a pretty fantastic vacation without ever leaving the campground if you wanted to. Really excellent place to stay with prices so low you might think they’re typos!

Another excellent campground with prices starting at just $17 a night, Hickory Grove Park only has 43 sites, so you really feel secluded and isolated. Amenities include water access, clean restrooms and hot showers, two enclosed lodges, a concession stand, and plenty of trails for hiking and exploring the area for your travel trailer rental Ames IA. There are a surprising number of photo opportunities, so you might end up filling your camera with pictures, making this another excellent reason for a stay in your camper rental in Ames, IA.


Ames isn’t big enough to have any events of note of its own, but you are close enough to enjoy the annual events of Des Moines, located just south of Ames. If you’re in the area in June, be sure to hit the three-day Des Moines Art festival. Great fun, great entertainment, and absolutely free during your visit in a motorhome rental Ames IA!


Ames, Iowa might be small, but you’ll find plenty to do and see. Everything is priced reasonably that it’s an irresistible vacation destination. You are guaranteed to have a great time in an RV rental in Ames, Iowa.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Renting an RV Near Ames, IA

Do I need to be a certain age to rent an RV in Ames, IA?

If you are considering a rental from RVshare, then you will need to be 25 years of age to be approved.

Do I need insurance when I rent an RV?

Just like any vehicle that you rent, with camper rentals in Ames, IA, you are going to need to have insurance that will cover the vehicle in the event that there is an accident. If you do not have insurance that you can use for the rental, then take a look at our insurance page for more information about your options.

Do I need to return my rental RV with a full tank?

When you rent an RV, it’s a good practice to bring the RV back with a full tank. At the same time, not all owners require it, so be sure to communicate with the RV owner before you rent so that you understand his or her refueling requirements.

Does RVshare offer one-way RV rentals in Ames, IA?

One-way RV rentals in Ames, IA are available, but it is not always an option with every RV owner. It's important to ask the renter if a one-way rental is an option prior to renting your vehicle.

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