Motorhome, Camper and RV Rentals Amarillo, TX

Amarillo, Texas

When you're searching for Amarillo RV rentals, you'll find three distinct classes of motorhomes. The Class A is typically the largest and most luxurious RV you can rent. Long and wide, these vehicles provide plenty of room and amenities for the whole family. In fact, there’s usually enough room for about eight adults. These vehicles also come equipped with modern shower facilities, a full kitchen, and various entertainment options as standard features.

Next is the Class B. As the smallest of the three motorhome options, these RVs make good use of their limited space by featuring several of the same amenities you'd expect in a Class A but on a smaller scale. While only being equipped to fit around four people, those folks can still travel in style and comfort. Class B motorhomes are also much easier to drive and more fuel-efficient than other options.

Finally, there's the Class C. The Class C is the midpoint between the A and B in terms of size and amenities. While they don't come equipped with some of the luxurious features found in the Class A, these RVs still offer you and your family everything you need to enjoy a great RV vacation. If you're looking for a large, budget-friendly motorhome rental in Amarillo, the Class C may be exactly what you need. 

Motorhomes aren't your only option, however. There are also many different kinds of camper rentals in Amarillo that you can choose from. You'll find towable RVs of various sizes, but it's important to note that you'll need a vehicle capable of towing, such as a truck or an SUV.

The first to consider would be the pop-up. A pop-up camper rental in Amarillo is a great lightweight option for couples and small families. These campers fold down for transport and pop open to provide a sleeping and living space once you get to your campsite. 

For something much larger, you can choose a fifth wheel trailer. These are large and in charge, rivaling even the Class A in terms of size and features. You'll need an exceptionally powerful vehicle with an in-bed hitch to pull this around, however.

Finally, there's the toy hauler. These travel trailers feature small garages in the rear to haul ATVs and other “toys” to your camping destinations. 

RV Campgrounds Near Amarillo, Texas

One of the best things to do while enjoying your motorhome rental in Amarillo is to stay at a campground meant for RVs. A fun place filled with friendly people, a campground can make the RVing experience that much better. If you're looking for one of the best RV campgrounds in Amarillo, Texas, then you've got to check out Palo Duro Rim RV Campground.

Palo Duro Rim has a number of amenities to offer campers. These include everything from pet-friendly facilities to a functioning zip-line ride. This fully equipped campground is also quite affordable, making it a great destination for RVers on a budget. 

US National & State Parks Nearby Amarillo

Traveling to a national park is the perfect RVing activity. In Texas, there's no better park to visit than Big Bend National Park.

Whether you're admiring the majesty of the Rio Grande or gazing out along the horizon from Emory Peak, there's no shortage of breathtaking things to see at Big Bend. Hiking, mountain climbing, bike riding, and more are all made more fun when you're visiting here, not to mention the guided activities put on by the rangers. Best of all is the stargazing. Big Bend has the least amount of light pollution out of any national park, so you're sure to get a great view of the heavens!

RV Storage Facilities in Amarillo, Texas

When you're away from your RV, you inadvertently leave it open to damage by the elements. Don't let unfortunate fate befall your rented RV; instead, store it at a designated RV storage facility.

Handy facilities like Amarillo Storage Station have plenty of open, covered, and enclosed parking spaces. With security staff on-site, these facilities can give you peace of mind knowing that your RV is safe at all times. 

Dumpstations Near Amarillo

Your RV's stored waste has to go somewhere, so visit a dumpstation in Amarillo for proper waste removal. These are areas where you can safely and hygienically empty your tank without worry. Many of these work in conjunction with campgrounds, typically waving any fees for those who are staying there. 

While on the road, you can stop at other places like Love’s Travel Stop and Pilot Travel Stop to find a dumpstation. These stops charge a small fee for RVers in need of a dumpstation.

Popular Tourist Attractions for an RV Rental in Amarillo, Texas

There's no shortage of things to do and see when you're RVing in Amarillo. Families can visit the Amarillo Zoo to see the animals on display. The Cadillac Ranch is also a worthy stop. This unique attraction is an art installation featuring a row of half-buried Cadillacs. Other popular spots to visit in the area include Wonderland Amusement Park and the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum.

Sports and Entertainment Near Amarillo, Texas

Sports fans have plenty to see when they're in Amarillo. The city's Lone Star Football League representative is known as the Amarillo Venom, which is often one of the best performing teams in the entire league. In hockey, there's the Amarillo Bulls over at the Civic Center tearing up the ice. You might even be able to catch some basketball over at West Texas A&M University. If nightlife is more of your thing, you'll find plenty of bars and concert venues to enjoy during your stay in Amarillo. 

Highways in or Near Amarillo, Texas

It's extremely easy to get around by RV rental in Amarillo. This is thanks primarily to Loop 335, a highway encircling the entire city and connecting to every major roadway therein. No matter where you want to go, you'll be able to get there simply by getting on the loop. Interstates 27 and 40 meet up near downtown.

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