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While there is no guarantee that you will see the mysterious Marfa lights on a Midland to Marfa road trip, you can have a lot of fun as you roll through West Texas in your RV. There are great places to go hiking and biking in national and state parks. Grab a disk and slide down sand dunes. Escape the West Texas dry heat by going swimming at the base of the Davis Mountains. You may feel the stress melt away as you are greeted with warm hospitality in small towns, like Monahans and Fort Stockton, along the way. While the road between Midland and Marfa is quite a stretch, you will discover some interesting attractions when you put these stops on your road trip from Midland to Marfa. 

Midland to Marfa Road Trip Itinerary

  • Trip Length: 3 hours
  • Mileage: 191 miles
  • Fun Fact: Since 1883, people have reported seeing strange lights on the Mitchell Flat near U.S. Route 67. Some researchers suggest that atmospheric conditions could cause this phenomenon, commonly known as "The Marfa Lights," while others admit that they are not sure what could be behind it.

Nearby National Parks

Guadalupe Mountains National Park 

Guadalupe Mountains National Park covers more than 135 square miles near Salt Flat, Texas. You will have to drive about 133 miles west from Monahans, Texas, to experience this national park. Many people come to this park to go hiking along the 80 miles of trails, including the ones leading to Texas's highest elevation. Many hikers are enthralled by the trails, like the Devil’s Hall Trail, running between steep canyon walls. If you love off-roading, check out the Williams Ranch area that has some of the oldest rocks in Texas along with a historic farmhouse. There are over 48 miles of horseback riding trails. Two horse corrals with nearby camping facilities are available. This location is a fascinating place to go stargazing. In the fall, many people come to this park to see the beautiful fall colors on its wide variety of trees, including bigtooth maple and gray oak trees. 

Big Bend National Park 

From Alpine, Texas, head south 72 miles, and you will be at Big Bend National Park. This park covering 1,251-square-miles is a fascinating place to watch the sun kiss the Chisos Mountains in the morning because it turns the rocks a glorious red color. This park’s 100 miles of paved roads offer outstanding viewing opportunities. Bikers can ride on these paved roads or the 100 miles of unpaved roads to explore this national park. You can choose between mountain, desert, and river hikes. Take a canoe or kayak trip lasting from a few hours to multiple days. One great place to explore is Santa Elena, with its steep canyon walls. The Rock Slide area offers Class IV rapids when the water is high. This park is a fantastic place to go stargazing because of its remote wilderness location.

Nearby State Parks

Monahans Sandhills State Park 

Stop at the park office to rent a disk at Monahans Sandhills State Park to sled on the sand dunes. Some of the dunes are up to 50 feet tall. There are over 800 acres of land open for horseback riding. This park does not offer any hiking trails. The sand covers your footprints, so you can wander wherever you want to go. Since the underground water is very close to the surface, it often bubbles up through the sand. Morning hikes are a great time to see wildlife, such as badgers and feral hogs, getting a drink from these pools. Part of this park contains many shin oak trees which are usually shorter than 4 feet tall, but they bear many large acorns. 

Balmorhea State Park 

Balmorhea State Park in Reeves County, Texas, contains the world’s largest spring-fed swimming pool. The pool covers over 13 acres, and it holds 3.5 million gallons of water. You can also go scuba diving at this pool that is up to 25 feet deep. This park contains restored cienegas, which are desert wetlands that are an exciting place to study nature. Birds are attracted to this spot because of the water. Therefore, it is a fascinating place to watch for ducks, geese, and other birds. Many birds use this park during winter migration. 

Davis Mountains State Park 

Davis Mountains State Park near Fort Davis, Texas, is a terrific place to go birdwatching at the bird blind. This enclosed area with a shaded patio has a feeder and waterer outside to attract birds to this location. The park’s headquarters also has additional feeders and waterers for the birds. There are numerous hiking trails at this park. You can even ride your horse along 11 miles of trails. Over 5 miles of biking trails are available, and you can follow one that leaves the park and leads to Fort Davis National Historic Site.

Along the Way

The Globe of the Great Southwest 

Watch a theatrical performance at The Globe of the Great Southwest in Odessa, Texas. This theater was inspired by William Shakespeare's original Globe theater in London. You can catch numerous Shakespearean plays at this 410-seat theater, which is considered the closest replica of the original one in the world. The Globe of the Great Southwest is a can't-miss stop for literature lovers on a Midland to Marfa RV road trip. 

Annie Riggs Memorial Museum 

After her son-in-law shot her second husband, Annie Riggs operated a hotel at this site for many years. Workers constructed this building, which is an outstanding example of Territorial Architecture, in the early 1900s. Once inside, see many items related to Pecos County history and the time period when Annie Riggs ran the hotel. View many articles about Hispanic religious practices and the tusks of a Columbian mammoth. Head out the back door to see the desert garden, and enjoy sitting on the chairs on the wraparound porch. 

Balmorhea Lake 

Anglers will want to visit Balmorhea Lake near Balmorhea, Texas. This 556-acre lake at the foot of the Davis Mountains is a great place to catch largemouth bass on minnows. Anglers may also catch other fish, including channel catfish, sunfish, and crappie. This lake's shores are a very scenic location to have a picnic. 

McDonald Observatory 

Learn more about the planets and night sky by stopping at the McDonald Observatory near Fort Davis, Texas. Go on a tour to see the large telescopes used to study the sky. Look at the sun’s surface through a special telescope. A wide variety of programs are available for all ages, and you can join the fun of one of their nighttime viewing parties. The park’s shuttle makes it easy to get around. 

Prude Ranch 

Head to Prude Ranch near Fort Davis to go on a guided horseback trail ride. Swim in the historic rock building swimming pool that is over 100 years old. The pool is open mid-March through Thanksgiving. Stroll around the beautiful grounds, or take a hayride that ends with a campfire and s’mores and sometimes, local entertainers. There are also horse corrals for those who would like to bring their animals. This ranch has been in operation for more than 120 years.

Main Cities You Will Pass Through

Odessa, Texas 

You can find many things to do in Odessa, Texas, including visiting the Ellen Noel Art Museum, the Presidential Archives, and the Stonehenge Replica. Campgrounds in Odessa can be found at Midessa Oil Patch RV Park, Pleasant Parks RV Estates, and Baron Mobile Estates. RV dump stations in Odessa are available at Midland RV Campground and Love’s Travel Stop. 

Monahans, Texas 

Play at Monahans Sandhills State Park and visit the Million Barrell Museum in Monahans. Find Monahans Campgrounds at Country Club RV Resort, Willow Draw Campground, and Circle 8 RV Park. There are RV dump stations in Monahans at Winkler County Park, Monahans Sandhills State Park, and other Texas locations

Fort Stockton, Texas 

You can visit many historical sites in Fort Stockton, including the Historic Pecos County Jail, Historic Fort Stockton, and the Annie Riggs Memorial Museum. I-10 RV Park, Hilltop RV Park, and Road Runner RV Park are good campgrounds in Fort Stockton. Find RV dump stations in Fort Stockton at Flying J, Fort Stockton RV Park, and other Texas locations.

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