Click on Performance Metrics in the menu to review how fast you respond, how much you cancel, and how often you accept bookings.

Performance Metrics will allow you to compare your performance against the goals that represent renter expectations for metrics like response rate, response time, cancellation rate, and accept rate.

While all these metrics can help improve your position in the sort order today, cancellation and accept rates are newer concepts that will be displayed in your dashboard in the future.

  • Response Rate – The percentage of messages and requests in your inbox to which you have responded.
  • Response Time – The average time it took you to respond to new messages, including booking requests.
  • Cancellation Rate – The percentage of bookings that you accepted, and then canceled, in the past year.
  • Accept Rate – The percentage of booking requests that you have accepted in the past year.

What You Can Do

Improving these metrics will make it easier for renters to find high quality, dependable RV owners and will help you increase your number of bookings. Visit the new Performance Metrics page in your dashboard to learn about what these metrics are, how we are measuring them, and how you can improve.