Sitka National Historical Park

In 1804, Russian colonists and native Tlingit people waged a multi-day battle for control of Alaska's Baranof Island. Sitka National Historical Park preserves this little-known site, commemorating the traditional Tlingit culture and the Russian influence in the region. Spend a day walking among the totem poles that line ancient rainforest trails, and head into town to learn about Sitka's stint as the Russian colonial capital. Around every corner, majestic views of Crescent Bay and the Alaskan islands await.

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Things To Do Near Sitka National Historical Park

Sitka National Historical Park offers both history and spectacular Alaskan wilderness. Start your trip in the visitor center and the Russian Bishop's House — then, slip on a rain jacket and head out onto the park's short but stunning trail network. With 2 miles of well-maintained paths, you can spend a leisurely afternoon exploring the rainforest and rocky beaches. Sitka is an easy walk or a short drive from the park, so you're never far from excellent local restaurants and attractions.

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How To Get To Sitka National Historical Park

Getting to Sitka National Historical Park is a bit of an adventure. You can fly into the local airport or come in on the Alaska Marine Highway System ferry, which accepts passenger vehicles and RVs. Once you reach Sitka, it's easy to get to the park; from downtown, head east on Lincoln Street. The visitor center is located at the eastern end of the street, less than 1 mile from town.


103 Monastery St, Sitka, AK 99835

Fee: Entry fee $0

Sitka National Historical Park provides the opportunity to learn about a little-known part of American history. After you discover the Tlingit and Russian cultures, the local hiking trails provide plenty of outdoor entertainment. An RV is a fantastic way to experience both the park and the surrounding Alaskan wilderness.