Saint Paul's Church National Historic Site

Saint Paul's Church was constructed by the town of Eastchester, New York, using tax dollars and lotteries, to celebrate the town's prosperity at the end of the French and Indian War. While workers used local materials to construct the building, architect Christopher Wren fashioned the design after the great buildings built in London after the Great Fire of 1666. While they completed the building's exterior and about two-thirds of the tall spiral, their work was stopped by the American Revolutionary War as American, British, and Hessian armies used the church as a field hospital. They finally completed the project in 1805 with a balcony, and the building was used as a house of worship for an Episcopalian congregation until it was given to the federal government in 1980. In present-day Mount Vernon, New York, this church has undergone many changes over the years, including a significant remodeling in 1942. 

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Things To Do Near Saint Paul's Church National Historic Site

Take a guided tour of the interior of Saint Paul's Church. Workers reconstructed the tall-walled boxed pews in 1945, but they originally were designed to let each family heat their seating area when the church was new. The 18th-century pulpit has three levels, with a person who would reach out with a unique instrument and tickle anyone who tried to sleep in the bottom one; the pastor stood to read the scriptures from the middle level and preached his sermon from the top level. The 1833 pump organ is one of the oldest working organs in the United States. See the bell cast at the same foundry as the Liberty Bell. Finally, view the stained-glass window that John LaFarge probably created. 

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How To Get To Saint Paul's Church National Historic Site

From the Bronx, start by heading north on Morris Park Avenue. Turn left on Eastchester Road and make a slight right to get on Stillwell Avenue. Get on Bronx and Pelham Parkway, and then take the Hutchinson Parkway/New Rochelle Exit and head north on Hutchinson Parkway. Take Exit 7 and get on US 1, then turn right on Pelham Parkway. Continue going straight to get on South Fulton Avenue. Finally, turn left on South Columbus Avenue. 


897 South Columbus Avenue, Mt Vernon, New York 10550

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