Natural Bridges National Monument

The jaw-dropping geological formations of the Natural Bridges National Monument attract thousands of visitors each year. There, hikers can walk underneath three towering natural bridges using the surrounding trails. Visitors can learn about how the uniquely arched bridges at the monument were formed through erosion over thousands of years while enjoying scenic Utah vistas. The Natural Bridges National Monument area is particularly remote, so don’t expect cell service or a bustling metropolis nearby. 

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Things To Do Near Natural Bridges National Monument

This site offers some of the finest hiking and stargazing opportunities Utah has to offer. Visitors can learn how the earth changes and develops while walking through enormous geologic formations. Majestic sites abound, and those who wait until the sun falls below the horizon will be greeted with a jaw-dropping display of astronomic beauty. 

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How To Get To Natural Bridges National Monument

From Moab, take US Highway 191 Southbound for 4 miles past Blanding, UT. Follow the signs for Utah Highway 95 Northbound and turn right off of US Highway 191. Follow Highway 95 for 30 miles before turning right onto Utah Highway 275 Northbound; then, follow this road to the national monument. 

From Farmington, take US Highway 64 Westbound for 22 miles. Turn right onto US Highway 491 Northbound, and follow this highway for another 22 miles. Then, turn left onto US Highway 160 Westbound, and follow this road for 13 miles to Colorado Highway 41 Northbound. Take this road for approximately 26 miles, and turn left onto Utah Highway 162 Westbound. Follow this road for 11 miles before turning right onto Cow Canyon Road. Take Cow Canyon Road to its endpoint where it intersects with US Highway 191. Turn right onto US Highway 191 Northbound. Follow Highway 191 for 20 miles before turning left onto Utah Highway 95 Northbound. Follow Highway 95 to the Natural Bridges National Monument. 

The Natural Bridges National Monument grounds are open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. The park is busiest during the spring and summer. During the summer months, temperatures at the national monument can be extreme, and caution should be taken to bring sun protection and extra water for your visit.


Natural Bridges National Monument, Lake Powell, UT 84533

Fee: Entry fee (per vehicle) $20.0

Fee: Entry fee (per motorcycle) $15.0

Fee: Entry fee (per pedestrian) $10.0

The Natural Bridges National Monument is one of the best RV destinations in the country. The combination of stunning natural beauty, ample dark skies, and its remoteness make this site perfect for those who wish to get away from the noise of cities or suburbs. Natural Bridges is located in an area filled with national parks and other attractions, but these sites are spread out across the region. An RV trip across the area is a great the ideal way to see them.