John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site

See the home owned by Joseph and Ethel Kennedy from 1914 to 1920. This is where President Kennedy was born and spent his first three years. The Kennedy family repurchased the home after the president’s assassination in 1963. Then, Ethel redesigned the house to look like it did when the president lived in it. This home in Brookline, Massachusetts, became a national historic landmark in 1967.

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As one of many historically significant stops in your RV travels, take a tour of the home that Ethel Kennedy restored to look like it did during President Kennedy’s childhood. Visitors can learn about the things that this family valued the most. See the bed where the president was born along with many other heirloom pieces. Notice that all the clocks in the house are set to 3 p.m. because that is the hour that President Kennedy was born.

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How To Get To John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site

Visiting the John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site from the Boston Commons is easy. Head west on Beacon Street and turn right on Berkeley Street. Take the ramp to get on Storrow Drive, and follow it to the Kenmore Square exit. Continue onto Charlesgate West. Then, turn right to get back on Beacon Street. Turn right on Harvard Street and another right onto Beals Street. Your destination will be on your right.


John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site, 83 Beals Street, Brookline, Massachusetts 02446

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After President Kennedy’s assassination, no one may have grieved more than his mother, who gave birth to him in the house located at 83 Beals Street in Brookline, Massachusetts. Soon, Mrs. Kennedy realized that she was not alone in her grief; she repurchased the home where she had raised the future president in order to allow visitors. In finding pieces so that the house would resemble how it looked when John Kennedy lived in it, her goal was to design a place where people could remember her son. When you're on a road trip in the area, bring your RV, and explore the neighborhood where President Kennedy grew up. Renting an RV is also a great solution if you do not have your own.