Jamestown Island

When the first European colonists arrived in 1607, Jamestown Island was a peninsula. Today, the same land, due to the erosion of a connecting isthmus, is an island. Much of the island consists of the marshes, swamps, and breathtaking beauty that the initial colonists found in the 17th century. Recent archeological research discovered the original Jamestown settlement, which was deserted in 1699 in favor of Williamsburg's nearby community. Today, considerable part of Jamestown Island is protected as part of the Colonial National Historical Park that draws visitors to the Virginia coast from distant locations like Richmond, VA, and Philadelphia, PA. 

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Things To Do Near Jamestown Island

Jamestown Island lies in the tidewater area of the James River. Much of the island's wildlife is migratory waterfowl that visits, nests, and recovers in this protected area. Many birdwatchers come to observe these birds and other wildlife that thrives along the shores of the island. The main road runs onto the island via a corridor that replaced the isthmus that eroded away 100 years ago. The single trail on the island features boardwalks with observation sites that hikers and bikers share. History buffs come to see the remains of the Jamestown settlement, which was rediscovered in 1996. The site is an active archeological dig with many artifacts and experts that present programs about the settlement, its inhabitants, their way of life, and the reasons the settlers left.

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How To Get To Jamestown Island

Most visitors approach Jamestown Island and Jamestown, VA, from the west via Richmond. To get from Richmond to Jamestown Island, start by finding United States Highway 1, and drive for 2.1 miles. Follow the signs to Interstate 64 East, and merge onto the freeway. Drive I-64 E for 43.4 miles, and then take the right ramp to get onto Virginia Highway 199 East. Go for 8 miles, and turn right onto Jamestown Road, also designated as Virginia Highway 31. Travel VA-31 for 3.7 miles, and turn left onto State Route 359. Travel for 0.3 miles, and then turn right onto Colonial National Historic Parkway. Drive for 1.1 miles and continue straight to get onto Island Drive. Your destination is 0.5 miles ahead on the right.

Jamestown Island and its facilities are open year round. Most visitors arrive during the summer when the air is crystal clear, but some prefer to visit during the winter and watch the storms run across the James River.


1368 Colonial Parkway, Jamestown, VA 23081

Fee: Entry fee (per vehicle) $20.0

Visitors who travel to Jamestown Island in an RV will discover comfortable campgrounds in the surrounding area from which to visit the island. There is no shortage of things to do whether you are into the area's scientific, historical, or cultural aspects. Prepare for magnificent views and a deep dive into U.S. history when you visit Jamestown Island in an RV.