Fort Stanwix National Monument

Fort Stanwix National Monument is a reconstruction of a military defense base constructed by the British in 1758 in response to incursions by the French during the French and Indian War. During the American Revolution, the British surrendered the fort to the Continental Army in 1776, which was, in turn, unsuccessfully besieged in 1777 by the British. Today, the reconstructed fort sits in the center of Rome, NY, as a monument to the American forces who suffered deprivation and cruelty but never gave up. It is common to see visitors from New York City and Albany, NY, come to pay their respects to those who fought for an intangible and elusive idea — freedom. Though the internal structure of the fort is concrete, the façade is wood, constructed in the same design as the original fort. 

Things to Do

Things To Do Near Fort Stanwix National Monument

The place to start your visit to Fort Stanwix National Monument is at the Willett Visitor Center, located just across the street from the fort. At the Willett Center, visitors are greeted by a ranger who gives a short orientation of the site. Once visitors are aware of the rules, they are welcome to traverse the three hiking trails, enter the fortification, and visit the museum. Official tours with rangers are available for groups.

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How To Get To Fort Stanwix National Monument

The intersections near Utica, NY, serve as the major conduit that leads to the Fort Stanwix National Monument. To get to that intersection from Utica and go on to Fort Stanwix, take the North-South Arterial Highway, and drive northward for 0.39 miles. You merge left to get onto New York Highway 49 West (NY-49 W) at this intersection. Drive on NY-49 W for 14.06 miles and merge onto Erie Boulevard/Revolutionary Trail. Stay on this road for 1.44 miles as it enters Rome, NY. Turn right onto North James Street, and the Stanwix Fort National Monument is directly ahead.

The Fort Stanwix National Monument is open year-round. There are several parking lots, but the one opposite the monument of James Street is the nearest.


100 S. James Street, Rome, NY 13440

Fee: Entry fee $0

The Fort Stanwix National Monument stands as a reminder of the cost of freedom. Many who visit here come away with a renewed spirit as an understanding of the costs their freedom demanded at the beginning. A family who begins their RV vacation in this region of the country and finishes it at this monument enjoys a united memory that lasts a lifetime.