Fort Monroe National Monument

The land under Fort Monroe National Monument has been witness to the full scope of American history, serving as a destination for indigenous Native American people, British and Union military installations, Harriet Tubman, and Abraham Lincoln. When you visit, take time to reflect on the most important moment in the fort's history — in 1619, the first ship carrying enslaved Africans landed in English-controlled North America at Fort Monroe (then known as Point Comfort). Today, you can explore the batteries and the moat, walk the streets inside the fortified walls, and check out the many reminders of the area's turbulent history.

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Things To Do Near Fort Monroe National Monument

Fort Monroe National Monument is a unique spot — there are private residences within the historic stone walls. After you check out the interior of the fort, head to the exterior to walk around the moat to get a different perspective. The entire area is rich in history, so make sure to head out to the Old Point Comfort area by the water to get a sense of the evolution of Fort Monroe's structures and purpose.

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How To Get To Fort Monroe National Monument

Fort Monroe National Monument sits on a small spit of land near Hampton, Virginia. To get to the fort, take I-64 south from Newport News or north from Norfolk. Get off on Woodland Road, and follow W County Street and East Mellen Street.


41 Bernard Road, Building #17, Fort Monroe, VA 23651-1001

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With its rich history, Fort Monroe National Monument is a must-see spot for American history buffs. Whether you're reflecting on the landing site of the first enslaved Africans in Virginia or checking out the fort from the moat, the sea breezes and the sounds of the waves create a peaceful atmosphere. Enjoy the waterfront location to the fullest in an RV; it's a great way to camp nearby and to enjoy Fort Monroe at a relaxed pace.