Chiricahua National Monument

Millions of years ago, a volcano exploded near Chiricahua National Monument, covering the landscape with ash and lava and forming a sea of igneous rock. Wind and rain worked their magic over the centuries, eroding the stone and creating a canyon full of otherworldly spires that rise above the treetops. Today, you can hike among the hoodoos and explore the remains of the ancient lava flow. You might even have the site to yourself — this remote park, which sits in the far southwestern corner of Arizona, only sees about 60,000 visitors per year.

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Chiricahua National Monument sits 5,000-7,000 feet above sea level, which means that it experiences four distinct seasons. Whether you're coming during the heat of summer or the winter snows, an RV is a great way to camp. If you don't own a motorhome, why not consider a rental? With RVshare, you can pick the perfect size and select a model with all of the amenities you need for a relaxing camping trip.

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Things To Do Near Chiricahua National Monument

There's a reason that Chiricahua National Monument is called a "Wonderland of Rocks" — the rock formations are the stars of the show. The best way to see them is on the 17-mile trail network. Alternatively, enjoy a scenic drive through the park, go horseback riding, or take a guided tour of the historic ranch house.

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How To Get To Chiricahua National Monument

Interstate 10 runs about 40 miles north of Chiricahua National Monument. Head east on I-10 from Tucson or west from New Mexico. At Willcox, head south on AZ-189, and turn east on East Bonita Canyon Road until you reach the park entrance.


12856 E Rhyolite Creek Rd., Willcox, AZ 85643

Fee: Entry Fee (Per Person)

There is no entry fee.

Chiricahua National Monument is the perfect place to get away from it all; pull your RV into a desert campsite, and enjoy the stillness and solitude. Come for a weekend or longer; with the remarkable rock formations and stunning landscape, you can spend days hiking or relaxing in the wilderness. An RV trip is a delightful way to immerse yourself in the park's natural beauty and to enjoy a comfortable night's sleep.