Chaco Culture National Historical Park

As you walk through the ancient ruins at Chaco Culture National Historical Park, take a moment to imagine the scene as it was more than 1,000 years ago — a big, bustling city that was home to thousands of ancestral Pueblo people. The remains of the tall stone walls still stand underneath the towering rock cliffs, giving a hint at the impressive engineering feats of these pre-Columbian people. This region was the center of the Chacoan universe, with ancient roads leading to other parts of the Southwest. Step back in time as you hike through stone buildings, examine rock art, and enjoy the views of the unchanged New Mexico desert landscape.

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RV camping is the perfect way to visit Chaco Culture National Historical Park; in an RV, you can rest easy and enjoy shelter from the weather extremes of the high desert. If you don't own an RV, consider renting one through RVshare.

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Things to Do

Things To Do Near Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Start your visit to Chaco Culture National Historical Park in the visitor center, where you'll get a sense of the scope and scale of the ancient Chacoan civilization. Hiking is the best way to explore; as you hike, it's easy to get a sense of the impressive construction techniques and take in fantastic views of the New Mexico high desert. During hot or inclement weather, the park road offers a beautiful scenic drive with pullouts overlooking key sites.

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How To Get To Chaco Culture National Historical Park

When you're coming to Chaco Culture National Historical Park from Albuquerque or other locations in the south, the fastest RV route is to take I-40 to Grants and turn north on NM-509. When you hit NM-57, head north until you reach the park entrance. 

If you're coming from the north, hop on Highway 64, and turn south on US-550 just east of Farmington. At Nageezi, head south on Road 7900 to get to the park.


1808 CR 7950, Nageezi, NM 87037

Fee: Entry Fee (Per Vehicle) $25.0

Fee: Entry Fee (Per Motorcycle) $20.0

Fee: Entry Fee (Per Person) $15.0

Entry fee is $15 per person on foot, on bike, or as part of a non-commercial group.

The Chaco Culture National Historical Park is an exciting place to discover the rich history of North America and learn about the sophisticated culture of the ancestral Pueblo people. Whether you're coming to hike and bike or enjoy the views from your car, an RV is an excellent way to camp near the park and enjoy the stunning New Mexican scenery.