Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

The Bering Land Bridge National Preserve is an extremely remote National Park Service location that preserves a remnant of the North American/Asian land bridge that many archeologists believe served as the entrance point for humans onto the North American continent. There are no roads into, within, or surrounding the preserve. Visitors must arrive via a bush plane or boat during summer months or by ski-planes, dog sled, or snowmobile during winter months. Intrepid visitors to this 2,697,391-acre preserve are attracted to the devastatingly beautiful mountainous terrain. Located on the Seward Peninsula, the preserve shares a colorful history with Nome, Alaska, which sits in the same general area. The preserve overlooks the Chukchi Sea with magnificently clear views extending as far as the Bering Strait, which is another reason that visitors endure the harsh climate to observe the far-reaching emptiness on land and sea. 

Where to Stay

RV Parks & Campgrounds Near Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

To get to isolated regions like the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve, it is best to rent an RV to get to an area from which you can access the preserve while simultaneously experiencing the wonders of the Alaskan environment. In this case, the Iditarod Trail leads directly from Anchorage to Nome, AK, near the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve. To enjoy Alaska in an RV, rent one from RVshare.

Things to Do

Things To Do Near Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

Most outsiders come to the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve to witness the natural beauty that the area provides. A few come to hunt for game like seals, bears, walruses, or caribou. The primary attraction is the mountainous terrain interrupted by low lying areas where sights such as Serpentine Hot Springs defy the overwhelmingly austere environment with rising steam clouds and warm earth. Other attractions, such as Lost Jim Lava Flow and Trail Creek Caves, draw visitors to the preserve. 

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How To Get To Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

There are no roads that lead to the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve. Indeed, roads in northwest Alaska between communities seem to dissolve away between seasons as the tundra freezes and thaws. The roads that do exist are mainly inside communities. The preferred method of travel to reach the preserve is through the air in a bush or ski plane. Once you reach either Nome or Kotzebue, AK, your approach to the preserve is on foot, on a dog sled, or by snowmobile. 


P.O. Box 220, Nome, AK 99762

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Visiting the Bering Land Bridge is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Though you cannot reach the preserve in an RV, you can travel in an RV to Alaska's closest location that offers RV camping. That way, you get to experience camping in an RV next to Alaska's wilderness and the joy of visiting one of the most austere and beautiful environments in the world. A trip to Bering Land Bridge National Preserve is one that will stay in a family’s memory for a lifetime.