White Mountain National Forest Guide

White Mountain National Forest covers 800,000 acres in eastern New Hampshire and western Maine. During your visit, you can experience beautiful mountains, hardwood forests, lakes, rivers, and abundant wildlife. The forest offers many outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, boating, and camping. Some of the hikes you can experience will challenge your skills, especially when hiking to the summit of one of the mountains. Other hikes are more level and are suitable for the whole family. These will give you beautiful views of the National Forest's lakes, streams, and trees. 

Where to Camp

Camping in White Mountain National Forest

Vacationing in an RV is a wonderful way to experience White Mountain National Forest. There are 23 campgrounds in the national forest itself, but their facilities are quite primitive, so it is suggested that you stay at one of the campgrounds in the surrounding area that have better amenities. It is easy to rent an RV for your trip to White Mountain National Forest. RVshare has locations in many cities in Maine and New Hampshire where you can pick up an RV to use on your vacation.

Shape Hiking Trails

White Mountain National Forest Hiking Trails

Things to Do

Activities in White Mountain National Forest

Plant lovers will delight in the White Mountain National Forest's alpine zones, where you can find plants that are rarely found outside of alpine areas. These include mountain sandwort, alpine goldenrod, mountain avens, and alpine blueberries. If bird-watching is more your style, look for any of the 38 species of birds that live here year-round. During the summer months, you can look for up to 72 bird species that stay here in the warmer weather.

map-marker-alt-regular How to Get There

How to get to White Mountain National Forest

Address: 200 Kancamagus Highway, North Woodstock, NH

Fee: Entry fee (per day) $5

White Mountain National Forest is a wonderful place for the entire family to enjoy. Beautiful scenery is abundant in the forest. There are so many outdoor activities that everyone will find something they enjoy doing. Whether you're hiking in the mountains or fishing in a lake, you will enjoy what nature has to offer. Vacationing in an RV is a great way to appreciate White Mountain National Forest and the surrounding areas and you'll experience nature at the campground as well as in the forest. If you don't have an RV, you can easily rent one at RVshare.com.