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Taking its name from the city it surrounds—Helena, MT, the state capital—the Helena National Forest covers 976,000 acres of land that straddles the Continental Divide. Mountain ranges appear in and around this forest though no peaks inside it reach higher than 10,000 feet. The unusually low peaks in the area are one reason the Lewis and Clark expedition chose to cross the Continental Divide here. That expedition spent months in this region, establishing that no navigable water access crossed the continent. Inside this forest, there is a Wilderness Area—The Gates of the Mountains Wilderness Area—and a Wildlife Management Unit in the Elkhorn Mountains. Though there were attempts to develop this forest in the early years by ranchers and miners, most of the land sits just as the Lewis and Clark Expedition members found it.

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Address: 2808 Skyway Drive, Helena, MT 59602

Fee: Entry fee $0

Highways bisect Helena National Forest with signed junctions leading to isolated locations accessible by road. An RV can travel those roads, getting you closer to your destination while providing a comfortable facility to return to after a day of adventure. Local anglers and hikers use RVs for overnight stays, and other visitors will also appreciate the convenience of using an RV during a lengthy visit.