Gallatin National Forest Guide

Located in south-central Montana, the Gallatin National Forest includes over 1.8 million acres of various terrain. First established in 1899 as a forest preserve, Gallatin protects valleys, ridges, rivers, lakes, and mountains. Two Wilderness Areas find themselves inside this forest that borders Yellowstone National Park. Visitors from cities across the country like Seattle or St. Louis travel through Bozeman, MT, to enjoy the scenery, fish the lakes, and climb the mountains of Gallatin. With six mountain ranges inside the park to choose from, rock and mountain climbers find plenty of action here. Others come to hike the over 2,290 miles of trails that run through the forest.

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Gallatin National Forest Hiking Trails

From mountain peaks to lakeside trails, there's a hiking trail for everyone in the Gallatin National Forest.

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How to get to Gallatin National Forest

Address: 10 East Babcock Street, Bozeman, MT 59771

Fee: Entry fee $0

No matter what time of year you visit the Gallatin National Forest, the best way to explore the area is in an RV. With over 2,290 miles of hiking trails, Gallatin National Forest is a great place for an RV adventure, and an RV is a comfortable way of reaching the trailheads. Since most of the trails are in and out, knowing that a comfortable rest is waiting after a hike is a pleasant thought. In such vehicles, families create memories that last a lifetime.