Daniel Boone National Forest Guide

Daniel Boone National Forest contains steep forested slopes, sandstone cliffs, narrow ravines, and some of the roughest terrain west of the Appalachian Mountains. It extends across 21 counties of southern and eastern Kentucky, totaling more than 708,000 acres; with several streams, rivers, and three large lakes, there are plenty of recreational water opportunities. Millions of visitors come to view the scenic beauty and abundance of wildlife of the forest. The wilderness alone contains 750 types of flowering plants, 170 species of moss, and rare plant species. It's also the home to many species of mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and other wildlife, including deer, hawks, snakes, chipmunks, and hummingbirds. 

Where to Camp

Camping in Daniel Boone National Forest

The area surrounding Daniel Boone National Forest offers various full-service campground opportunities. With the forest open to the public year-round, an RV would be the perfect solution as a home base while you're visiting. If you don't own an RV, consider renting one through RVshare.

Shape Hiking Trails

Daniel Boone National Forest Hiking Trails

Things to Do

Activities in Daniel Boone National Forest

Enter the stunning serene beauty of Daniel Boone National Forest and quietly escape within its natural habitat of flora, oak, and pine trees. The sloping hills, ridge top flats, and narrow valleys make the forest perfect for stargazing, geocaching, bird-watching, and wildlife observation. Some animal species seen in the forest are squirrels, raccoons, black bears, foxes, eagles, and songbirds.

map-marker-alt-regular How to Get There

How to get to Daniel Boone National Forest

Address: 1700 Bypass Road, London, KY 40744

Fee: Entry fee $3

The Daniel National Forest features an array of outdoor adventures for the whole family. With miles of acreage, you'll have no trouble finding a secluded area for some inner self-rehabilitation. An RV can only add to the adventure by giving you a private home setting away from home.