Coronado National Forest Guide

Rugged canyons cut through peaks studded with juniper and ponderosa pine trees in the Coronado National Forest. Divided between multiple districts in southwestern Arizona, this unique forest offers diverse landscapes and activities — hike through bustling canyons close to nearby Tucson, or head to remote stretches of desert close to the Mexico border. With opportunities for hiking, biking, fishing, and boating, the forest offers an activity for every day of the year.

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Coronado National Forest Hiking Trails

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Activities in Coronado National Forest

The many different districts of the Coronado National Forest offer a wide range of outdoor activities. If you're interested in flora, fauna, or wildlife, head to Sycamore Canyon. With more than 625 different plant species — including many that are endangered or rare — it's a nature lover's dream. You'll also find more than 130 bird species in the region. The aptly named Bear Canyon is a great place to see black bears, and many of the canyons in the forest offer glimpses of nimble bighorn sheep.

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How to get to Coronado National Forest

Address: 300 W. Congress St., Tucson, AZ 85701

Fee: Entry fee $0

With its rugged canyons and rocky peaks, the Coronado National Forest is one of the most unique spots in the national forest system. Whether you're coming to enjoy the Arizona sunshine or relax in camp with a view of the mountains, an RV is a great way to travel. Stick to one spot or use your motorhome as a moving home base to explore different sections of this spectacular wilderness area.