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Insurance Terms of Service

If you choose to purchase RV Rental Insurance underwritten by National General Insurance Company, referred to throughout as “The Policy” you will be added as additional insured to RVShare’s Master Fleet Rental Insurance Policy, which is an excess and surplus lines policy issued in the state of Ohio.

The Policy covers accidents or occurrences while the Renter or an Authorized Driver is operating/occupying the listed vehicle on The Policy, for the coverage provided by The Policy and for which you have paid a premium. Coverage will include: Comprehensive and Collision with a $1,500 deductible per occurrence and state statutory bodily injury and property damage liability, (state minimum liability), on an excess basis. This is the Basic Underlying liability coverage offered through the policy. 

The Policy does not offer nor cover You, or anyone in or using the rental RV, for Uninsured, Underinsured or Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Bodily Injury or Property Damage, Medical Payments Coverage or Personal Injury Protection or any other coverage not noted above. The named insured has rejected all coverage other than the coverage defined and offered for purchase herein and as a purchaser of coverage under The Policy you expressly agree to the selections and rejections made by the named insured under The Policy. However, The Policy may comply with individual state specific requirements. If an accident, to which The Policy applies, occurs in any state or province other than the one in which The Policy is written, we will interpret The Policy coverage for that accident or occurrence as follows:

If the state or province has a financial responsibility, compulsory insurance or similar law requiring a driver using a recreational vehicle in that state or province to maintain insurance with limits of liability for bodily injury or property damage higher than the limits The Policy provides, then the limits of liability under The Policy that will apply to that accident will be the higher Minimum Liability Coverage limits required by the law in that state or province or the applicable limits of liability provided for that insured under The Policy.

The Policy’s coverage territory is the United States and Canada. There is no coverage provided for accidents or occurrences in Mexico.
By purchasing this insurance, you expressly agree that you understand and agree that coverages are limited as set forth above and that the intent of The Policy provided by National General Insurance Company that you selected to purchase coverage under is to provide liability coverage to third parties who may be injured by your operation of the RV and to provide Comprehensive and Collision coverage for the RV you have rented.

Insurance Premium Charges

Renter acknowledges that insurance premium charges will be charged by MBA Insurance and show on their credit or debit card statement as "MBA Motorhome" and includes a 5% Ohio Surplus Lines Premium Tax.

Insurance Premium Chargebacks

Renter agrees that MBA Insurance may charge their payment method for the full premium amount related to a rental booked through Company. Renter also agrees that premium is fully earned and non-refundable once Renter has taken possession of the covered “auto”.

In the event that a Renter initiates a Chargeback with their credit card company for the insurance premium charge, MBA Insurance will use commercially reasonable efforts to dispute the validity of the Chargeback.

Owner and Renter agree to cooperate with MBA Insurance and to provide any information that may be reasonably requested by MBA Insurance in its investigation. Owner and Renter authorize MBA Insurance to share information about a Chargeback with Company, the Renter, the Renter’s financial institution, the Owner, and Owner’s financial institution in order to investigate or mediate a Chargeback.

Renter acknowledges that chargeback decisions are made by the applicable issuing bank, Card Networks, or NACHA and all judgments as to the validity of the chargeback are made at the sole discretion of the applicable issuing bank, Card Networks, or NACHA.  
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