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Kansas Speedway 400 Speedway Blvd Kansas City, KS 66111

May 07 2023 - May 07 2023

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The Kansas 400, known alternatively as the Digital Ally 400 among other names, is a major race in the NASCAR Cup Series. Spanning 400.5 miles and 267 laps, this is one of two major races in the series held at the Kansas Speedway. Packed to bursting with cars, crowds and all-around excitement as well as some tasty concessions, the Kansas 400 has a reputation for making unforgettable moments in racing history. Visitors are more than welcome to be a part of that history each year by showing up to watch the event live.


There's a ton to do and see when you visit the Kansas Speedway on race day. The Kansas 400 is one of the biggest races held here each year. Rent an RV with RVshare to camp out on the grounds and stay close to the action. For both RV renters and non-renters alike, you can expect amenities and entertainment like the following when you visit for the Kansas 400:

• On-site RV hookups at certain grounds

• Food and drinks available at the concessions stands

• Shower facilities in the tent camping area

• Tailgating opportunities with other fans on race day

• Plenty of souvenirs on sale and free memorabilia to grab

• Meet and greet events with various racers and NASCAR people

• Special events like the ride-along driving experience

• Garage tours and other guided fan experiences

• Rentals for scanners that pick up chatter from the drivers and crew as well as FanVision cameras that let you watch the race from track level


The Kansas 400 is always held at the Kansas Speedway, the track from which it takes its name. The address is:

Kansas Speedway

400 Speedway Blvd

Kansas City, KS 66111


RVing at the Kansas 400 presents a unique opportunity for race fans. The Kansas Speedway offers three options for RVers to camp out on the grounds, with all three providing their own charm. Spots are always available on a first-come, first-served basis outside of special reservations and the like, so act fast if you're looking to get in on the action before things fill up.


The infield is a special campground located in the center of the track. It's no exaggeration to call these some of the best seats in the house, giving you a front-row view of the action on race day. When camping here, you'll get your pick of the two grounds options, those being the Speedway Club and the Front Runners Club. However, you'll have to meet a few requirements in order to earn your spot, first and foremost being that tickets can only be purchased as a season pass. Additionally, your RV must have its own running water and waste tank. Those towing fifth wheels will need to upgrade by purchasing an add-on vehicle pass to account for the extra size.


There are three terrace campgrounds you can reserve at the track, giving you another great view of the action from up close and personal. All of them are sold for the season only and exclude any RVs and motorhomes that are not self-driving, so no fifth wheels are permitted. The first of these campgrounds would be at the first turn, aptly named the Turn 1 Terrace. The Turn 3 Terrace is located where you would expect but with a twist: This is an exclusive campground with only 10 spots in total, providing a view of the entire track all at once. Finally, you have the fourth turn's Backstretch Motorhome Terrace. These spots all have the same requirements as the infield spots, including running water and waste tank requirements.

Outside campgrounds

The Richmond, Phoenix, Martinsville and Daytona campgrounds are the four outdoor spaces RVers can use. These areas hold the distinction of being the only campgrounds that can be reserved on a weekly basis instead of just for the entire season, making them an ideal choice for a weekend vacation to the races. As all of these spots are on solid ground on grass, gravel or asphalt outside of the speedway itself, there are no electrical or water hookups for you to use, although generators are allowed. Additionally, the Daytona lot is only available to those with grandstand tickets.

RV Rentals Near Kansas Speedway 400 Speedway Blvd Kansas City, KS 66111

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Whether you're parking an RV, pitching a tent or staying in a local hotel, there are many spots to stay and enjoy the festivities surrounding race day.

RV camping

RVing is the perfect way to take advantage of the Kansas 400. Dodge the lines by setting up camp right at the stadium, ensuring you've always got time to grab your snacks and head to your seat before the race starts. Whether you rent or own your RV, it's going to be a great time.

Tent camping

If you're not RVing, the Kansas Speedway now provides spaces for tent campers to enjoy. They're located behind the Martinsville RV grounds, so you can set up shop here as long as you have at least two grandstand tickets tied to your account. Available both seasonally and for weekends only, it's a fun way to experience the great outdoors before jumping into the thrill of racing.


Kansas City is definitely not hurting for hotels. This is especially true given the Kansas Speedway's proximity to the entertainment district, putting tons of places to stay and other entertainment venues right next to each other. There are plenty of hotels, motels and other establishments within a short driving distance from the speedway, giving those without RVs or other on-site accommodations the chance to visit for race day. Given how quickly lodging books up for the Kansas 400, make sure to book early to avoid missing out.


You have a few options for making it to the Kansas 400 when approaching via roadways. Three of the most common routes have helpfully been outlined by the Kansas Speedway staff.

• Interstate 70

Get on I-70 at the 110th Street exit 410. Following the highway will eventually lead you to Speedway Boulevard, at which point you'll be directed into the parking area at Talladega Drive.

• East of I-435

Travel west on State Avenue until reaching Speedway Boulevard. You'll be directed to parking once you pull up.

• From I-435

Traveling from I-435, you'll be able to get onto I-70 west and follow the same route outlined previously. However, the Kansas Speedway staff does not recommend this route as your first choice as it tends to get backed up during race day. When this happens, the exit will be closed, and you'll be forced to find an alternative route when it is possible to continue driving. The staff recommends navigating to State Avenue by way of Parallel Parkway to avoid the delay.


General parking is free at the Kansas Speedway. This takes the form of several grass lots surrounding the facilities and may be far from the racetrack. For closer parking, passes can be purchased while supplies last. However, the purchase of a season ticket to the races held at the Kansas Speedway entitles the ticket holder to free parking in this area. Regardless of where you'll be parking, attendants will be there to help navigate you into an open spot.


Buying tickets for the Kansas 400 is a snap with the handy online ticket portal available on the Kansas Speedway site. You can search by price range, seat sections, a whole seat map and available accessibility features to get the best view of the race possible.


As lovers of all things fun, RVshare is dedicated to helping you make the most out of your trip by supplying you with a quality rental RV at a great price. Race fans love the Kansas 400 and its place in the NASCAR Cup Series, but that doesn't mean you can't love it a little more with the comfort and ease that the right RV allows. Whether you choose to take the trip down to the Kansas Speedway in a rental or in something else entirely, show the world what you get up to while you're there. Send pictures to [email protected] and tag RVshare on its social media accounts so that others can enjoy the race almost as much as you. Your shots might even be featured on the RVshare blog.

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