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Enterprise RV Rental is not associated with RVshare. This page is simply a resource, providing more information on all RV rental options, including Enterprise RV Rental.

Can you rent an RV at Enterprise?

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has been around for nearly 60 years, and in that span of time, it’s grown into one of the largest automotive rental companies in the world, with over 7,200 rental locations spread across 30 countries. As a traditional automotive rental business, Enterprise is reasonably reliable and their service/rental offering (though rather sparse) tends to be consistent between locations.

It is, therefore, unsurprising that first-time RVers – who have had positive experiences renting automobiles through the company in the past – are curious as to whether Enterprise offers RV rentals as well.

So, does Enterprise Rent-A-Car rent RVs, too? Quite simply: no. If you were intending to rent an RV through Enterprise, you’ll have to look for an alternative.

Fortunately, here at RVshare, we provide an RV rental alternative that fundamentally changes the way that rentals work, and that empowers RVers to make smarter choices when renting a vehicle for their next trip.

Traditional Rental Companies

When you rent through a traditional rental company – whether or not that company offers RVs – you are engaging with a business model that is aligned against the rental consumer.

The traditional rental business model depends on the prospective renter having limited access to information and the inability to strengthen their bargaining position.

Consider the following example for clarity.

Suppose that you going on a trip and you’d like to rent an RV for about a week. You go to a local RV rental dealership and check out their selection. They have a few dozen RVs, but availability is limited due to high local demand around your trip dates. Further, rental prices are a bit excessive. You’re unlikely to stay within your expected budget for the trip if you rent from the dealership. You go to the other local RV dealerships and encounter similar problems.

The fundamental issue with the traditional RV rental business model is that it funnels prospective renters towards dealerships with limited supply. As perceived supply is artificially limited, dealerships are able to raise the rental rates on their RVs. Prospective renters feel pressured to rent – even though they have limited rental options and the rates are excessive – because they don’t really know what else is out there.

In the past, prospective renters were unable to see just how many RVs were actually available on the market, so they didn’t have many alternatives to the local dealership model. A prospective renter could browse some local classifieds, of course, but that required a large investment of time and effort.

That’s where RVshare comes in.

The RVshare Alternative

RVshare is a peer-to-peer, online RV rental platform that connects individual RV owners with prospective renters.

On RVshare, individual RV owners – not businesses – post their vehicles for rent when not in use. As such, there is an incredible variety in terms of RV models, rental rates, supplementary equipment, and so on. At any given moment, there are thousands of RV listings posted on the RVshare platform. Prospective renters are thus empowered to compare their options and make informed rental decisions.

As prospective renters have access to so much information on RVshare, owners are pressured to lower their rates to compete. Better yet, some owners price their RVs at heavy discounts to help newcomers experience the joy of RVing. If you scour the RV platform for deals, you’re likely to find an RV of your choice at a heavily discounted rate.

RVshare is not solely a platform – some supplementary services are provided. If you rent through RVshare, you are entitled to access a free 24/7 roadside assistance line. If you run into problems on your trip, our roadside assistance personnel will help guide you through mechanical issues, contact local help services, and more.

Good luck!

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