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Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort

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Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort is an enormous resort complex in Newport Beach. This property features a restaurant, a marina, and a huge RV park. Newport Dunes is a popular place for weddings and graduation dinners, and customers are drawn to its renowned restaurant from miles around.

Why You’ll Love Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort

This ritzy RV resort is a great place to enjoy the high life. Even if you stay in the cheapest RV pad offered, you’ll still have access to world-class amenities. This resort owns acres of oceanfront land that guests are free to use.

What People Are Saying About Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort

“The beach is large. The amount of sports rentals is amazing. 4 person paddle boats? 4 person bicycle go-cart? 18-foot electric boat to rent? Simply amazing. Service is nice but they close at 5p. Too early. Also, how do some managers not work on a Saturday, the busiest day of the week?” – Bruce, Google Review

“Best RV resort I’ve visited. Great areas for hanging out and things to do with family: heated pool and clubhouse, beach and cabanas, kayak rentals, outdoor movies, kids play areas. Nice mix of RV spots.” – Jason, Google Review

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