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Murfreesboro RV Park

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Murfreesboro RV Park is family-run and as such offers true Southern hospitality to each and every guest that walks onto the campground. Although small, this park offers everything you need to have a calm, relaxing vacation, while keeping entertained throughout your stay.

Why You’ll Love Murfreesboro RV Park

Murfreesboro, Arkansas is known for diamond hunting, and the Murfreesboro RV Park lets you get in on that action. There are daily classes on diamond hunting, and diamond hunting tools available for rent- but if you stay for two nights or more use of the tools is free! The park has a great sense of community and hosts a potluck every other Thursday. Along with these amenities, the park also offers a shower house, laundry facilities, free wi-fi, and a book and DVD library.

What People Are Saying About Murfreesboro RV Park

“Great place to stay, easy in and out. Miss Alberta and All the hosts are wonderful. I can’t wait to visit there and them again.” – Arthur, Google reviews

“Loved it! The magement is wonderful! They are so friendly and welcoming! The RV park is beautiful with ture.” – Erin, Google reviews

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