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Juno Ocean Walk RV Resort

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Juno Beach is a seaside community a few miles north of West Palm Beach that is a nature lover’s paradise. In addition to being only a few thousand feet from the beach, this resort is also just north of the Juno Dunes Natural Area, which is a perfect place to go for a hike and watch the endangered loggerhead turtles in their natural habitat. There are also several restaurants and grocery stores in the area that are just what you need when everyone gets hungry.

Why You’ll Love Juno Ocean Walk RV Resort

Why You’ll Love Juno Ocean Walk RV Resort Known as one of the best trailer parks in West Palm Beach, Florida, this resort has many shaded trees to park underneath and all the parking spots are paved. There are numerous activities to take part in at the resort, including water aerobics, pickleball tournaments, poker games and line-dancing lessons.

What People Are Saying About Juno Ocean Walk RV Resort

“Very quaint spot to park an RV. Close to the beach. Very clean and quiet. Each spot is privately owned and rented. I would stay here again.” – Sandy, Google Review

“I’ve been here since 1982 I haven’t left — that’s how good it is.” – William, Google Review

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