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Jantzen Beach RV Park

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About 10 minutes away from town, the Jantzen Beach RV Park is a campground that offers a great view of the Columbia River and wandering paths along the river’s shore. The RV park is huge with a large contingent of amenities that make your stay as comfortable as possible. Southwestern Washington is a quick drive across the river, and Portland is directly to the south.

Why You’ll Love Jantzen Beach RV Park

Jantzen Beach RV Park offers a quiet location in a bustling urban area where the country life comes to you through the peaceful rustling of tree leaves, the gurgle of the Columbia as it passes and the aroma of farms surrounding the area. Guests have a 7-mile drive to Portland and its incredible Rose Gardens. The Oregon Zoo and OMSI entertain children while providing information important to their understanding of the world.

What People Are Saying About Jantzen Beach RV Park

“We loved staying at this park! We stayed for six months in a motorhome. The park was clean and well kept, nice laundry facilities, good magement. Jantzen Beach is on Hayden Island on the Columbia River. Shopping, dining, bars…all on the island and within walking distance of the park.” Robbin, Facebook Review

“Proximity to the city is excellent. You can get almost anywhere in Portland in 20 minutes or less.” Anthony, Facebook Review

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