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Highway 6 RV Resort

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Highway 6 RV Resort is another Quality RV Resort property with campsites in the Greater Houston area. The resort rates as a 5-Star Resort, and Highway 6 RV Resort is located in the western reaches of Houston with direct access via the West Park Tollway to Houston’s city center. The site offers a safe refuge from the road with tight security.

Why You’ll Love Highway 6 RV Resort

Highway 6 RV Resort is a self-contained unit with a huge pool, large sauna, and hiking trails along the lake. The community is cleaned regularly, and children have free run of the facility from the playground to the pool to the lake. The resort is a gated community with a well-stocked lake for fishing.

What People Are Saying About Highway 6 RV Resort

“Very clean, resort-style RV park. They have lakes for fishing, a pool for swimming, and a dog park, with complimentary dog washing stations.” – Brittany, Yelp Review

“Wow! What an oasis! This is truly one of my favorite RV spots we’ve stopped in the last eight years of traveling.” – Dally, Yelp Reviews

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