RV Rentals near Garden City RV Park San Jose, California

Garden City RV Park

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This is a popular RV park in San Jose that has many permanent residents. It is centrally located to the Bay Area as well as parks and recreation areas further south. It provides a parking place for your car and a storage shed.

Why You’ll Love Garden City RV Park

This is a small, inexpensive park that has few amenities, but it offers easy access to San Jose as well as the local tech companies and convention centers. It is close enough to San Francisco and the Pacific for day excursions. It is also near large shopping centers and good restaurants

What People Are Saying About Garden City RV Park

“A great place to park. We only wish we could stay longer than a few days, however, there are lists for just about every RV park down here.” – Heather, Google review

“Great friendly manager, good location in regards to the SAP center. Would have given five stars if they had just left the toilets unlocked.” – Dylan, Google review

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