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East Shore RV Park

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Located a half hour from Anaheim proper in the nearby city of San Dimas, East Shore RV Park is almost like a lost world, hidden among the hustle and bustle of urban life. The resort itself sits on Puddington Lake, which is regularly stocked with bass and open for fishing. While there’s plenty of nature trails and activities within the resort, it also sits nearly adjacent to the sprawling Angeles National Forest.

Why You’ll Love East Shore RV Park

East Shore RV Park is built for people looking for solitude and an escape from the fast pace of everyday life and the busy atmosphere of more central RV campgrounds in Anaheim, California. The size of the park and close proximity to both Angeles and Los Padres National Forests make it easy to get some time alone. Since it’s only a few miles away from Anaheim, you can still get access to all the shopping, dining, and entertainment the big city has to offer with minimal fuss.

What People Are Saying About East Shore RV Park

“It is a beautiful RV park. We were there 3 nights and it is very quiet at night. The staff is very friendly. We were doing the Route 66 and use this as our base. We would come back again. The park has a great view of the mountains all around you. It has a great little store there for you.” – John, TripAdvisor Review

“Lots to do, close to golf and horseback riding, and the walk of the camp loops are beautiful with the lake.” – Laura, TripAdvisor Review

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