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East Shore RV Park

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When seeking Long Beach campsites that allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, East Shore RV Park has something in store for you. This park offers excellent fishing on Puddingstone Lake. Stream fed, this lake is stocked with trout and bass for the ultimate fishing experience.

Why You’ll Love East Shore RV Park

The laid-back atmosphere found throughout East Shore RV Park has left many visitors expanding their stay or reserving their return visits whenever time allows. The many outdoor recreational opportunities in the area combined with plenty of on-site amenities will ensure that you are well-supplied and always have something to do.

What People Are Saying About East Shore RV Park

“Nice one! The sites are paved but there is a lot of green around. Restrooms are simple but clean.” – Tobias Lachmuth, Google Review

“Great Place to camp for a weekend or even a longer duration of time.” – Chad Delk, Google Review

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