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Deerwood RV Park

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As a mid-sized RV campground in Eugene, Oregon, Deerwood RV Park is ideal for those who want peace and quiet with some great amenities. The park was built by the owners with a landscape artist. It is considered one of the most beautiful campgrounds in Eugene, Oregon.

Why You’ll Love Deerwood RV Park

Deerwood RV Park is a highly rated Good Sam RV park in Eugene, Oregon. While it’s just 10 minutes from downtown, the campground offers a secluded wooded setting with manicured lawns and old tree growth. Guests are offered a complimentary breakfast during the season on Saturday morning.

What People Are Saying About Deerwood RV Park

“This place was easy to find just south of Eugene, Oregon. The roads were a little tight for a large coach. The people were nice but mostly kept to themselves but then again we weren’t there for more than one night. All in all, this is a good location if you have a car in tow to take into the city. We used it as a stopping point on our way to West Bend Oregon and Coos Bay. Thanks to the good people at the RV park for the hospitality. It’s nice to find a place that doesn’t freak out when you roll in with a 45 footer.” – Rich, Google review

“A real treasure tucked down in a quiet corner right beside I-5 and Hwy. 58. This oak and maple stand is pretty dense and sometimes you can’t even hear the interstate. This RV park has excellent access to downtown Eugene or Springfield from Interstate 5. This is probably one of the best care for RV parks I have seen. Each base gets its own individual wrought iron table and chairs and a nice little flower garden. They put in a waterfall and a small bubbling creek. This is what peaceful is…” – Randy, Google review

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