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Colfax RV Park

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Colfax RV Park is a small campground that’s located a few miles northwest of Alexandria and right next to the Red River. In fact, the RV park is operated by the Red River Waterway Commission. Colfax RV Park features a large playground, and it is open all year long.

Why You’ll Love Colfax RV Park

Even though Colfax RV Park is within walking distance of downtown Colfax, every other sound is drowned out by the rushing of the Red River. This RV park features a boat ramp, and there are even docks for fishing. Best of all, Colfax RV Park is equipped with a fish cleaning station.

What People Are Saying About Colfax RV Park

“Love bringing my boys to the park here. In the outskirts of Colfax away from commotion. Very clean and kept up. Has gates, check in area, docks, park, bathhouse, RV hookups, boat landing, and good parking. Docks even have a fish cleaning area.” – Samantha, Google Review

“This is a well kept public place maintained by the Red River Waterway Commission along with other agencies. – Charlie, Google Review

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