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Burning Rock Outdoor Adventure Park

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This family-friendly RV Park is another great choice for campers looking for something that offers a bit more excitement than your average, run of the mill campground. Over 100 miles of ATV trails and a professionally designed motocross track give Burning Rock that special something that keeps campers coming back. Add that to the quality amenities and facilities, and you’ve got a premier park that will make a perfect home base for making the drive to Camden Park.

Why You’ll Love Burning Rock Outdoor Adventure Park

Even if you’ve never tried your hand at off-roading before, you can still get a taste of it! The trails range in skill level from beginner to experienced, so everyone can be challenged and engaged. If you’re still a bit nervous about it, you can try starting with a guided ATV tour. Or, you can just sit back and enjoy the scenery until you head to Camden Park!

What People Are Saying About Burning Rock Outdoor Adventure Park

“Wonderful place to ride ATVs and there are tons of community activities.” – Jessica, Google reviews

“Absolutely love this place. Can’t wait to go back.” – Jason, Google reviews

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