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Anini Beach Park

This is a large park with many amenities. Sink your feet into the fine grain sand or claim a shady spot to sit back and relax. The water is clear and shallow with a gentle current, a perfect place for children. Swim, snorkel, fish, or enjoy the clubhouse. This is a great place to stay on the beach after a long day inland viewing the Kauai waterfalls.

Why You’ll Love Anini Beach Park

This park is a beautiful protected reef that is a great place to snorkel and swim. The waves break farther out, away from the shore. Close to the beach the water is calm, creating a nice swimming area year-round. You’ll see many varieties of small fish and, if you are lucky, sea turtles.

What People Are Saying About Anini Beach Park

“This came highly recommended. I went one time, and it was partly cloudy and a little drizzly. The beach and water didn’t look inviting. The snorkeling was poor. I wasn’t planning on coming back here. Nothing special here, I thought. But then there was no parking at any other beaches up here, so I decided to give Anini a second chance. What a difference the weather makes! It was a beautifully sunny day this time. The water the second time was beautiful and all shades of blue. It was calm and warm. The snorkeling was much better this time. It seems like this protected reef is a nursery of sorts, because I saw a lot of teeny juvenile fish, as well as juvenile eels. So cute. It got windy and the current got strong in the early afternoon. I came back here often, to swim and snorkel. It’s nice to have a beach like this near Princeville, with no 1-lane bridges to cross. Sand is filled with rocks and coral, so water shoes are recommended. No soft sand here. On the weekends, much of the parking gets taken up by residents having events and get-togethers. Not only are they taken up, but I noticed they were being ‘saved’ by household items being put in the spaces to hold them. There was even a baptism happening here one Sunday that I was there. So come early on the weekends to find parking. Tip: don’t be too quick to swim across the sandy bottom to get to the reef. The turtles liked to hang out on the sandy bottom!” MK Campbell, Yelp.com

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