Will Smith Knows How To RV

RV Owners

Think you’ve seen everything? How about this amazing, two story custom RV? If you’re Will Smith you simply call this epic trailer HOME. The actor makes this mega trailer his home on wheels when on location shooting films. In fact, this 30 ton rig has everything you need to be a Hollywood legend and still feel at home.

This unique rig comes with multiple plasma TV, a 100 inch movie screen, a gym, makeup room and a lounge for 30 people. And if that wasn’t enough, Will’s assistant has a space for a mobile office. Nicknamed, “THE HEAT,”  this Anderson Mobile Home ran Smith about 2 million dollars.

With nearly 1,200 square feet, this big rig is bigger than some homes! It features tons of windows along with beautiful cherry wood cabinetry from Italy. The full size kitchen is a gourmet cook’s dream.

What do you think? Would you want to live in this double story mansion on wheels, or would you prefer to just use it when you’re on a movie set? Leave your comments in the box below, then share this fun story with your friends.