You Will Shed Tear a Tear When You See What Happened to This Vintage Globetrotter

An unfortunate accident happened involving a Vintage Airstream Globetrotter named Mabel and a Semi Truck. Ray Koltys pulled over off the side of the road to help a friend with a flat tire while towing his 1964 vintage Airstream. Little did he know that a tragedy was about to occur.

Ray got out of his truck and a semi-truck made a tight right turn and slowly ran over the parked trailer. It was a sad sight to see.

This was the first photo after the accident.

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The rear tire of the semi smashed into the poor Vintage Globetrotter.

As you can see, the bumper was mangled and the a/c unit badly bruised.

Here is Ray assessing the damage on Mabel.

The inside is looking pretty sad.

You can see the regret on Ray’s expression. But he should be glad the damage was not worse.

Happily, nobody was hurt and the upper body remained untouched. Ray could still take his beauty on the road with a little tape and rope. His insurance company offered him a $1500 settlement and now he’s seeking a metal shop to straighten and restore his Airstream.

After it was all settled, Ray told his story on the Air Forums Community saying, “The whole experience has been a bit demoralizing, and is a good example of the potential peril of an accident with a trailer that is in the middle of restoration, when it may be worth less than its purchase price, and/or the cost of the all the money and materials that have been invested in it.”

Hopefully he will learn from this and keep his baby safe in the future.

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