Why RVing is The Best Family Vacation Option For Summer 2020

The summer we all dreamt of while stuck inside this winter probably looks very similar – BBQs with friends, lazy days by the pool, and of course a family vacation. But in light of recent events, summer is turning out a little different for most of us. Despite all the uncertainty and travel restrictions, we’re really excited about one thing here at RVshare, and that’s the return to a great American tradition… road trips!

If you’ve caught up on your travel reading and saw articles such as this and this, you may have noticed that RVing is on the rise. Not only is it a fun way to camp that puts you right in the center of an outdoor, nature-filled adventure, but it’s a safe and self-contained way to travel with your family.

In a recent poll of our travelers, 78% of those surveyed stated they will visit a drivable destination, with the majority heading somewhere in nature such as a national park.

So, why is RV camping so popular for families?

  • Self-contained: You can enjoy your travels with only those on board with you and limited contact with others. Enjoy meals, recreation and sleep all on board.
  • New experience: You could leave the RV parked in the driveway and your kids will still be delighted and amazed! They just enjoy the change of scenery.
  • Making memories: The opportunities to get the whole family together are few, and everyone spending time together around the campfire is a guaranteed way to make lasting memories.
  • Nature: After spending so much time cooped up inside, people are ready to stretch their legs and get outside.
  • Rediscover your town: An RV trip is a great way to camp out and experience what your city has to offer while still getting the family out of the house and not straying too far from home.
  • Pet-friendly: Many RVs allow travelers to bring pets, so your furry family members can come along for the ride too!
  • Learning experience: Many parents spent the end of the school year homeschooling their children. An RV trip can offer an educational experience disguised in nothing but fun! ID your local plants and birds, and learn more about the history of where you are.

Many state and national parks have begun to reopen in time for the summer season. Camping is a great way to enjoy your vacation while social distancing. The beauty of RVing is the opportunity to travel, cook and sleep in your rig, meaning you won’t have to come into contact with anyone other than those on board with you. Not to mention that many of the activities you probably imagined your family enjoying this summer have been canceled, and an RV adventure is a perfect thing to look forward to.

If you aren’t quite ready for a cross country vacation, RVing is also a great way to revisit your own hometown! We strongly believe in supporting your local businesses, and what better way to dip your toe back into travel than to explore your own backyard? Find the state park that has all you’re looking for on your trip, whether it’s a pool, awesome hiking trails, or pet-friendliness. Then seek out some places you’ve never seen before, such as a cool hiking trail or lake.

Which RV is Best for a Family?

Choosing the right RV for your family is one of the best parts of planning your trip! When you visit RVshare.com you can filter your search by how many people will be sleeping onboard, pet-friendly, drivable vs towable, delivery or stationary options, amenities such as a stocked kitchen and more. Class As and many travel trailers are plenty big enough for a larger family, while a mid-sized Class C is typically ideal for most groups.

Class A: Length: 21-40+ feet | Sleeping capacity: 4-10+ passengers

Class B: Length: 8-20+ feet | Sleeping capacity: 2-3 adults

Class C: Length: 20-38 feet | Sleeping capacity: 4-8 passengers

Fifth Wheel: Length: 22-40 feet | Sleeping capacity: 4-8+ passengers

Toy Hauler: Length: 20-40 feet | Sleeping capacity: 4-6+ passengers

Pop Up Camper: Length: 8-16 feet closed; 16-32 feet extended | Sleeping capacity: 2-4 adults

If you don’t want to drive the RV, many RV owners will deliver their rig directly to your campsite! This is also a great option if you prefer a trailer but don’t have a suitable tow vehicle. Here is a deep dive guide on choosing the best RV for your trip.

What to Pack on a Family RV Trip?

Obviously, an RV has limited space, so figuring out what to pack for the whole family can be tricky! Before you start stuffing your suitcases, make sure you check in with the RV owner to determine what items they keep on board for rentals. Many will have linens and cookware for the renters to borrow during their trip, which is a huge space saver when packing! Also, be sure to check the weather, and don’t forget to pack for day AND night. Other items may include:

  • First Aid kit (again, the owner may have this on hand)
  • Lounge chairs for around the campfire
  • Toiletries
  • Shoes (from flip flops to hiking boots, you don’t want to be stranded without one or the other!)
  • Food and beverages (a well-stocked RV makes cooking easy and requires less stops at restaurants)
  • Cell phone or other safety communication device (such as a satellite tracker if you’re going off-grid)
  • Books
  • Games
  • Find a more comprehensive list here

We’re thrilled that so many families are taking to the open road this summer. It’s a great way to disconnect, get outside, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Visit RVshare.com to book your rental and find the perfect RV for your family getaway.

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

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