Would You Order A VW Camper Van Like This?

If you LOVE Volkswagens, than this story is for you!  Yumos VW is garage located in Indonesia. Their goal? To transform vintage VW camper vans and buses into BETTER THAN NEW condition. Their painstaking process insures a totally awesome renovation.

Take a look at this 23-Window VW Camper van that they recently reconditioned!


All photos courtesy of www.ClassyCampers.com 

Not heading to Indonesia anytime soon? That’s ok. Yumos VW ships right to your door! They offer a variety of parts, and are prepared to do a full restoration of your favorite Volkswagen at an affordable price.

What do you think? Would you buy a one of a kind restorations like this? I would! Tell us your thoughts in the comment box below. Which color would you pick? Do you love the modern touches? Do you have VW loving friends? If so, send them a copy of this article.

What do you think?