Volkswagen Introduces Fresh Take on Outdoor Recreation with New California Camper

Most people are well aware of the iconic Volkswagen bus of the ’60s. Volkswagen has been creating cultural symbols out of their automobiles for decades. There latest, the California Camper, is no exception. The release of this new van comes months after the introduction of the long awaited sixth-generation Transporter, on which the California is based.


This new camper is specially designed for those who are enthusiasts of the outdoors. Six people plus the driver can ride in it, and five can sleep over. VW didn’t skimp on the amenities either; the van’s got a kitchen sink, beds, a dual-burner gas range, and a pop-top.


The California offers three different optional trim levels – Coast, Beach, and Ocean. These come with a whole range of both diesel and powertrain options.

The new generation of engines on the most recent line of VW vehicles performs with extraordinarily low fuel consumption while maintaining the spirit and fun of driving.

The only catch is that although it’s called the California, it isn’t actually available in California at all, let alone the rest of the United States.

The price starts at the the equivalent of $64,614.62 USD, but at the moment they are only available in Germany.

Ever since the first model of the California was released in 1988, the popularity of this efficient and stylish van has blossomed. This fifth installment of the vehicle already has a higher production than any of the others, with 50,000 already made. Hopefully they will bring it to the U.S. soon!

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