Bus Turned Unique Tiny Home Is More Liveable Than Most Stationary Houses

Have you ever wanted to drop everything and live on the go? These days it’s easier than ever to be a modern day nomad — and you can even to it in style!

Long time wanderer, Keith Levy has been living as a nomad for over 20 years. He started off living on boats, and eventually migrated to dry land in 2007 when he bought this 1977 Bedford Bus.

Keith’s home is quite the unique rig. Dubbed “The Flying Tortoise”, it has many original attributes that would make most other tiny house dwellers envious.

Power it Up!

The Flying Tortoise is powered entirely from 335 watts of power supplied by three solar panels on the roof. This power is then routed to 18 12-volt sockets into which he can plug any of his gadgets, just like in a stationary home.

The Master Bedroom


This is the royal suite. There’s a fully functional storage area above the bed and a great view of the vegetable garden out back. I know what you’re thinking…yes, the blinds do close so Keith can have his privacy when he so desires.

The Recreation Area


His surprisingly spacious office and entertainment area is efficient, yet homey. There even enough room for six people around the table when has guests!

The Kitchen


The cooking area might look small, but it has everything that most people need in their kitchen. The sink is powered by a pressurized pump that draws water from 50 liter containers under the counter.

The Shower


This is the shower. While it might not look like your traditional idea of what a shower should be, it sure does the trick! The water output consists of a water unit that holds up to 30 liters and a wooden stove to heat the water.

The actual shower area pulls outside through the vehicle’s door and offers privacy while taking up minimal space inside the main room. The water falls from a bilge pump and the waste water runs straight onto the ground past the freshly cleaned person.

Keith believes in many of the philosophies from minimalist lifestyle visionaries such as Henry David Thoreau (the author who wrote “Walden”, a book about living alone in the wilderness for two years). He is happy as can be living a simple and comfortable life in his wonderfully unique tiny home.


To read more about the adventures of the Flying Tortoise, be sure to visit Keith’s blog.

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