This Truck Camper Got Me Thinking – What About You?

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Over the years I have seen a lot of truck campers.  There come in all shapes and sizes.  Tall, short and even pop up options are available.  Just when you think you have seen it all, a company like Trayon comes up with a totally new concept.  The Dual-Cab Camper.

Trayon Campers is an Australian company that produces lightweight off-road campers. They look very similar to that of the American truck campers. The exception is that they are made to fit on a flat bed surface, as opposed to inside a truck bed. Each
and every trailer is crafted by hand in their Australian factory. At Trayon quality is number one, and they make sure all their products meet the needs of each specific customer. After all, customer satisfaction is the most important thing a company can offer.

Here are some of the qualities that make Trayon truck campers special:

  • A low profile makes them perfect for traveling off-road
  • The camper is easy to set up by a solo traveler
  • Weighs in at  just over 800 pounds
  • Sleeps up to four adults comfortably
  • Includes a small kitchen, dining room and traditional bed
  • The top flips up to include a full tent enclosed with bug netting – Amazing!

Truck Camper 2

Truck camper 1

Trayon Campers Come in Three Models, One for Everyone’s Budget!

The Standard grade offers all the basics for any camping trip. Including an on-board water tank, a fridge and freezer, LED lighting, a battery charger, and much more. This model offers a complete camping experience while saving you a bit of cash. So grab your family or closest friends and go on an adventure!

The Deluxe grade has everything the standard grade does, but with a few extras. Including a gas hot water system, pop-up shower, and a portable toilet.  As a woman, I consider these extras, “must haves”.  The deluxe grade offers a bit more practical luxury.  I mean, who doesn’t want a shower and toilet, especially in an emergency. These items are not always offered at campsites, and it’s good to know you don’t have to go outside in the middle of the night.

The Diesel Deluxe grade is the top-of-the-line model. In addition to the features mentioned above, it also includes a diesel-powered heater for hot water. This is the everything camper you dreamed about as a kid.

By now you might as in love with this truck camper as I am. There’s just one problem…Trayon Campers are made in Queensland, Australia. If you live down under you can easily purchase one of these magnificent campers. However, in the United States, you will have a harder time getting your hands on one. The distance makes it a difficult to acquire a Trayon.  Still, where there is a will there is a way!

Find out more about Trayon Truck Campers by visiting their website –, or send them an email with specific questions. The company will gladly provide assistance in any way possible.

In addition, the Trayon website has a Traveller’s Tips Section. The tips are short and sweet, and very useful for those new to RVing. Some of the tips listed on the website include:

  • Drinking water – Important and essential to your health. Not bringing enough water is a mistake made all too often by new travelers. Your body needs hydration, and water is the best source of natural hydration. Pack extra water or bring along a water purification system.
  • Packing – Heavy food items should be packed in the lower compartments.  This method will save time and energy in the long run. Use plastic sealed containers or zip lock bags to store your extra food and keep it moisture free.
  • Keep the inside of your camper clean and dry – This does not mean you have to keep it spotless. When you are traveling, dirt is inevitable. Especially if you are hiking or exploring somewhere such as the desert or forest. Cleaning your camper on a regular basis will ensure that it remains functioning at its intended optimal level.

Check out this video tour of a Trayon Truck Camper

What do you think?  Would you purchase a Trayon Camper?  Do you wish they sold them in the U.S.?  Write your comments below and share your ideas on who makes the best campers.

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