Introducing the 2015 Trek RV – A Motorhome for the Future!

Last updated on September 7th, 2021 at 08:36 am. Originally published on May 25th, 2015

Active RV enthusiasts who prefer a smaller type of class A motorhome, but do not want to sacrifice on comfort, now have the Trek RV to turn to.

The Trek Motorhome is only 27 feet 10 inches long, but has all the comforts of a larger 32, or even 40 foot, class A motorhome.

This ingenious motor home requires that you change your idea of a bedroom, which is how the Trek RV manages to squeeze in all the practical features in a compact form. The brand new 2015 Trek is currently being road tested by full-timing couple Jason & Kristen, aka, the Snowmads.

Trek RV with slide out

Here are few features that make this RV special:

A Movable Bed!

The Trek is has an electronic bed that utilizes a patented mechanism to rise up and down. When not needed, the bed raises up and out of the way. It can be lowered at the touch of a button to your desired height. The 3-inch thick mattress is 81 inches long and 59 inches wide…almost the entire width of the coach. When the bed is in the upright position the space underneath reveals a closet and two dressers. The Snowmads plan to convert this into a mobile office.

Raised bed reveals full wardrobe and two dressers

This bed comfortably sleeps two adults, with room to spare. It uses AC power, which can be sourced from the gas generator or inverter. It rolls on cog wheels and travels up and down on four tracks. To prevent it from being lowered unintentionally, a hidden kill switch and locking pins are on each corner.

While traveling, the massive amount of space created by the raised bed allows you to store tools, adventure gear, patio furniture and more. This space is best used for items you will offload from the RV after arriving at a campground.

The Bathroom

The Trek has a split bath with sink and toilet on one side, and a shower stall on the other. The fresh water tank can hold 50 gallons while the grey and black holding tanks each have a capacity of 35 gallons.

The door to the toilet can also be used to close off the bathroom and bedroom from the rest of the coach. This allows the occupants to step out of the shower in privacy and into the bedroom.

So Many Places to Sleep

The Trek has several sleeping options. In addition to the queen size bed at the rear, there’s another queen size bed that lowers from the ceiling at the front of the RV. The dinette can also convert into a bed or a just a cozy spot to watch movies.

2016 Trek RV floor Plan

The Kitchen

A stainless steel double bowl sink with solid surface counter-tops and a chrome faucet give this  kitchen a residential while remaining road ready. There is a massive amount of storage space including cabinets, overhead storage, a pull down cutlery drawer, a floor to ceiling pull-out pantry, and extra storage space under the dinette.

Trek Trunk

The trek trunk, as it is called, can be accessed from inside the RV through a large door at the back. This giant rear storage area is a multi-functaional area for all sorts of useful items.

The Trek is currently only available in the 26HMS model, but the company hopes to have other models and floor plans available in coming years.

If you are shopping for an entry level class A motor home, the Trek is a great investment. It’s also worth considering if you are looking to downsize but would rather not sacrifice the comfort and luxury your larger motor home offers.
The base retail price for the Trek RV is $97,328.

What do you think? Would you like to travel in a Trek?

If you want to follow along as the Snowmads test the brand new Trek check out their Website, Facebook page, or Instagram.

What do you think?

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How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

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