Toy Hauler Made From a Tractor Trailer and Cargo Box

Have you ever heard of a Toy Hauler RV? These special RVs are a great way to raise the RVing experience to a whole new level. They provide a storage space in the RV for owners to store their fun recreational toys while on a road trip. A toy hauler allows RVers to combine their passion for adventure with the usual benefits that come from RV ownership.

Toy haulers, also known as sport-utility recreational vehicles (SURVs,) are available in many forms such as class A coaches, class C motorhomes, and fifth-wheel RVs. They are also available in smaller vehicles, like class B motorhomes and truck campers.

So, what does a cargo box and a tractor trailer have in common? Many of us would say nothing, which is exactly what makes this custom Toy Hauler creation such an exciting find.


Do it Yourself RV

The story starts with an RV enthusiast named Paul from Pittsburgh, PA. He thought that he’d come up with an original concept, for a custom RV, but soon found out that somebody else already had the same idea. He was so impressed by the custom toy hauler, that he decided to share the pictures with the world.

This toy hauler came from the mind of a clever, but anonymous, craftsman. It all started with a standard cargo box; something that many of us might use as a standalone trailer. The owner mounted the cargo box onto the back of tractor trailer and added doors, windows, shelving, and a host of other features. One of the most impressive features is a custom fold down door with fold down ramps at the back of the hauler. The door also doubles as a deck, complete with a railing for easier maneuverability.

The toy hauler has a front wheel guide and tire catcher that helps position your vehicle, or recreational toy, into the place while it is being parked inside the RV. No need for a tennis ball hanging from the ceiling in this RV! Also, when you back out of the RV, you are already perfectly aligned with the storage container door. This feature makes it remarkably easy to get out of the enclosure.

This custom find also has stairs underneath the entry door in the trailer. When not in use, they fold and tuck away neatly between a toolbox and a tire. It also has a 5 wheel hitch, which means that this bad boy has the ability to pull a good size trailer. These features make Paul’s remarkable find more comfortable, and also turns it into a custom toy hauler in every sense of the word.

Toy haulers offer adventurous owners many benefits. The ability to take this concept and customizing it to your own needs makes this special RV trailer even more appealing.

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